Now it feels like Christmas

12:16 PM


christmas tree

We finally decorated our tree this Sunday. Ishita was bouncing off the walls the moment she woke up at 6am asking for it, and when we were all awake, the home was cleaned, breakfast cooked we finally got to it, it took far less time that I thought it would because Ishi was in hyper mode and just couldn’t stop. DH was totally amazed at her off chart excitement decorating it.
I was planning to put it on our balcony this year, but it didn’t feel quite right, to me the balcony decorations means Diwali, and it can’t really be Christmas without the tree right in the living room, not to mention that half the time there is some laundry drying on the balcony…not very festive.
What made it feel even more like we are heading toward Christmas is the weather. We had some kind of freak heat and humidity going on late November and earlier in the week that made us feel like Winter was never going to come. Saturday was still warm but dry, Sunday morning was warm without being uncomfortable but definitely not Mumbai Winter “cold”. All this changed Sunday late afternoon when there suddenly was a kind of a chill in the air, by night time it was cold enough, and this morning was the first day of the season I needed my sweater jackets and my socks, and as I am typing I am for the first day not using any fan inside the flat at noon. The cold is slightly cold under my feet, and I dropped Ishita in school earlier not coming back sweaty…the best season of the year in Mumbai has definitely started and as usual I find myself wishing for it to stay forever.


  1. Arunesh4:04 PM

    Looks very grand, Cyn! Great job!

  2. Arunesh4:06 PM

    Looks very grand, Cyn! Great job!

    Also, I forget to visit your blog when you don't post on Twitter. Anyway, I'm off to reading all the old posts! :)

  3. I'm guilty of having negelgted bad. I will try to be careful and hit the Twitter icon next time I blog.

  4. Alexandra Madhavan1:55 PM

    Lovely! setting up the tree is my favorite part :)

  5. Always been my favourite part too, but the way I remember it the fake tree we had growing up took more time to decorate than the one I have now, I think it was just about one foot taller, but had much much more branches and fluff than the one I have now. I have been considering changing my tree for a fluffier one, but all the ones they sell in my neighbourhood are smaller than what I have now, so I am hanging dear to it, broken stand be damned and find myself hoping as I unpack it each year that nothing broke, since the monsoons in Mumbai made the tree rust a lot and I fear one of the branches will snap.


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