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She got wheels

1:04 PM

Ishita has a slight obsession with wheels. It probably started when she was not even one year old and had a toddler car to push around. It continued with her bicycle ( which is getting too small after 3 years of use). Then she immediately had eyes on roller skates, which prompted us to get her a pair of safe Fisher Price one for Christmas two years ago. Roller skates she managed to forget down in the garden and never saw again a few months ago. Last year she was all for a scooter, which Santa ended up giving her. Scooter which she uses a LOT and is far more practical for me to lug to the park than the cycle.
ishita's need for speed of the years
We thought she was pretty much set up in the wheel department. But she started asking us for a skateboard around the time the monsoon came. We obviously delayed looking into it. I even made a deal that she would have to earn it with our star reward chart system. That was until this weekend.

DH was in Dubai all last week, and he made it an habit to bring back something from each of his business trips for Ishita. Knowing that she already has way too many stuffed animals, he looked into something different this time. He ended up calling me on Friday to ask me if a skateboard would be ok. I assured him it was, and he bought a nice pink one for her. From the moment she saw it on Sunday morning, she wanted to be on it. We had to remind her it would have to wait until we could get out, and use it where there was no risk of running to furnitures and getting hurt. And when we finally could venture out in the evening, she just couldn't stop.

DH who never tried a skateboard turned to me knowing I had been on one a couple of time in my youth to try to explain to Ishita how it worked. I assured him she would figure it out on her own, but offered a demo. Demo that never went further than me putting one foot on it...darn I forgot how fast they are! I can't afford to break a leg, running around doing kid centric activities in a cast is really not something I want to experience. Meanwhile, Ishita jumped on it and as I predicted, figured it out all by herself.
DH was so impressed and curious to give it a try himself. But, like me, ended up chickening out with only one foot on it.

At that time, I had a Friends episode flashback. Namely the one in which Chandler is asked to find an advertisement idea for a pair of sneakers with wheels and comes up with the tag line : Not for adults.
I got a lot of bruises and scratches as a kid, due to my reckless use of my wheels. Ishita seems to have some of that blood in her system already. I grew up in the 80's, kids could play outdoor for hours without supervision, and knee pads was not something we used to roller skate and skateboard. And, while I admit there was a lot of fun in that, seeing her zoom on that board and keen on attempting the kind of stunts I attempted myself in the past, she is definitely going to get some protection gear in the course of this week.

Week which will see a VERY long weekend again with Gandhi Jayanti on Thursday, Dusshera on Friday and Bakri Eid on Monday.


  1. Wheweeee !!!! Ishita's got the need for speed!!! That means her fine motor coordination, balance & coordination are above average for her age. Go baby girl!
    An aside-
    The local 'departmental store' here received a truckload of cheap Chinese roller skates last year. Children & adults here had never seen them before so I gave a demonstration in the FLAT road in front of the dept store (& managed to fall on my butt twice - I tied a pillow to my behind to remedy the problem). Soon the entire town was playing on roller skates in the FLAT road, children & adults. Then some smarty pants figured out how much fun it was to roll down the paved hill at the end of town on skates. Disaster soon impended as the young wife of the local kirana 'face planted' badly on the hill, breaking her jaw, knocking out 7 of her front lower teeth, and skinning her self up horribly. A couple of teens broke legs & ankles on the hill also. That was a busy day at the local hospital, I tell you. The next day no one in town was roller skating. Moral of the story- helmets, elbow & knee pads are strongly recommended with roller skates.

    1. My cousin and I were always daring one another to do something crazy, when it involved wheels it usually meant my mom and my aunt had to run after us and stop us. On any given day, when we were out together they knew the first aid kit was to be kept handy. I skinned my arm on a skateboard when I was 13. I don't remember who dared who into going down a winding slope sitting on the skates but NOT breaking. In one of the sharp turns, I did not negotiate well enough and I went right while my board went left. I just picked myself up, and walked back to the house to get the wound clean. My cousin who has always been a bit panicky with scratches and such was beside himself, totally freaked out, he made it to the house a few minutes later to just find his mom rolling her eyes and help me clean my case of road rash. I remember what she asked when I first came in with my bloody arm : " what did you do this time" on a cool composed matter of factly tone, that is how used she was to me and my cousin playing daredevils :-)

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Very cute! Get her a helmet, please!

    1. It is the plan this weekend.

  3. Anonymous2:29 PM


    That places is dangerously uneven. It would be appropriate if you enroll her in some club where skating ring is available. She is also very little, she would need constant supervision otherwise she could hurt himself. We have Delhi Development Authority (DDA) Sports facility in Delhi at different places, where you can become members and play different sports like swimming, tennis etc. I think something similar would also be available in Mumbai.


    1. I learned myself without classes of any kind, there is a roller skate class where she attend gymnastic classes, but it really seem to take the whole fun out of unstructured skating. Good for kids who are going to participate in competitions, but not something I think Ishita would benefit from. I go to the park daily with her after school, and do give her constant supervision when she decides to take her wheels with her. That skate board is by far the fastest thing she has, and DH didn't think of getting her protection gear for it, but with the long weekend we have ahead we will have plenty of time to remedy to that.
      The ground in that picture was in its prime a badminton court, this is the smoothest surface in the area, I think the crack you see in the picture is the only uneven part of that ground :-)

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    These are two links about Durga Pooja celebrations. The idols and pandal decorations are out of the world. Today is the auspicious of Asthami when little girls are worshipped as Goddess Durga.




    1. I follow her blog :-) and I saw these this morning while catching up on my feeds.
      I saw a similar display in Bangalore a few years ago. The Bengali community organise a big cultural event for Navratri every year.


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