Pet Blogging Friday

Pet Blogging Friday

9:51 AM

As cute as cats can be (and they are most of the time) they also come from a family of mighty predators. An instinct that runs deep into their veins and souls. Unlike their bigger cousins, they will chase small time very small.
Here is Mittens in action hunting She is quite good at this game, but most of the cats I had growing up were. They don't always eat or kill the fly, but they sure hit it all the time. They seem to take a sadistic pleasure in keeping their prey alive as long as some fun can be had out of the experience. This of course is a side effect of being a pampered pet on a luxurious diet of kitty food, with no worries about food she can hunt for sports. It wasn't always so, when I rescued her last year she was a tiny, scrawny 2 months old kitty surviving on cockroaches (first few stools as a proof of said diet).

On other news, my last weekend had been busy, and so was this week. I grew a year older this Wednesday and to mark the occasion we decided to treat ourselves to a movie and a dinner last Staurday (can't do it on a school night anymore).
I then had a nice lunch date with friends this week, and a play date the next day. All the while planning Ishita's birthday party which will be next week. She is obsessed with the movie Frozen and Queen Elsa, so the theme for this year's party is pretty obvious...

Last weekend I also gave the boot to my old Microwave and Convection oven. It had been a tad bit dysfunctional for a while now, ok almost a year. The defrost mode was not working, the dial button was temperamental, the turntable wasn't working, the light in it was broken...all the signs of age of a device bought in 2006. Most of these problems were unfixable, but I could still live with them.
What made me kick it out of my home was that in the recent past it would suddenly emit short circuit noises and at time even let me see some sparks in the back.
This, in my book, is a fire hazard and a disaster in the making. Such issue have no place in a kitchen that has a gas stove next to the oven!
Fortunately we were prepared for the death of said oven and had planned all along to keep all our credit cards reward points to convert into a Croma voucher. So much so, that I got the new Microwave/convection oven for FREE. The icing on the cake being that I managed to get a bigger one out of the deal, and at a discount for being the display piece.
I've already put it to work a lot this week. I never realised how much I missed having a fully functional and performing oven in the kitchen.

This weekend should be a bit quieter, which is a good thing considering I am a bit under the weather and could use some rest.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Many happy returns of the day for a belated birthday. I suspect you and I are more or less the same age. BTW which movie did you watch??


    1. Thank you :-)
      I just turned 36, so I am officially entering the second half of the 30's and not shy at all about my age.

      We went to see Jurassic World after feedbacks from friends who said it was ok with kids Ishita's age. She liked it, she just said the big dinosaurs looked scary. When we tried to trick her later in the evening saying a dinosaur was lurking, she said they didn't exist there smart girl.
      Looks like they are going to release a Minion animated movie soon that is going to be fun. We really only take Ishita to movies that are as close to age appropriate as possible, Jurassic World was the big test this time.

  2. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Oh, you are younger than me. It is the good thing that you are not shy about your age. Who ever created the silly idea that a women should not be asked about her age as it is considered rude as if women are not supposed to age. Another one of those patricial ideas, I think. Thirties are a bit scary, you are confused. You are neither officialy young nor old. You think you are young but you are not as the signs of ageing are already there.

    You guys don't go out and watch bollywood movies on big screen do you??


    1. I never understood this whole age thing either, as if women don't age and should be proud of aging...ridiculous idea.

      My husband goes to watch Bollywood movies in cinema alone. I watch those that interest me on TV or online.Ishita would not grasp them, and some of these item songs are way too crass for her to watch.

  3. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Yes, bollywood movies could be crass sometimes but there are all time classics which are full of comedy and that too intelligent clean comedy and no slapstick. I am sending you the orignal brilliant comedy movie "Golmaal" of 1970s. The new golmal is a slur to the memory of the great director that made the orginal.

    Today's generation do not even know that such gems actually exist. Bollywood for them is only item songs.


  4. Happy B-Day!!!
    Get that fly Miss Mittsy!


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