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Now selling on Cupick

8:13 PM

Good news to all my India based readers and followers!

I now sell my artwork on a website based in India! How cool is that? If you ask me, it's pretty neat.

Cupick is a website that sells artist's work on a print on demand website, it means that like in the case of Society6, I license my art to them.
All in all this means that each time my artwork is printed on one of their products, I get paid a royalty.

I have been looking around to find such a website that ships at a domestic level for several reasons, the first one being prices.
Society6 as awesome as it is has its prices in US dollars and once you made the conversion into rupees, it can be pretty steep a price considering that you need to add shipping to it, and wait a couple of weeks to receive what you ordered.

With Cupick, not only are the goods priced for the domestic market, it also has free and fast shipping across the country. 

Another HUGE plus of Cupick, is that their mobile phone cases aren't limited to just iPhones and a few Samsung cases. They sell cases for about 125 models of handsets across leading brands.
My good old HTC One M8 is one of those many models they sell cases for if that gives you an idea. 

And right now I am torn between many of my designs to purchase as a new mobile phone case for myself, though I must admit my heart leans more and more toward this one: 

This is a re-colorized version of the blue seashell drawing I once made. I have it in Turquoise and Purple at the moment and this is how my phone would look like with it

Being a Notebook addict, I can assure you I will put these to the test very soon. This pretty paisley pattern that took me forever to draw, clean up and offer in many colors included! 

Cupick offers a bit less choice in the range of products than Society6 (no curtains or sofa cushions) but still offers the possibility to by all my artwork as a poster, framed print, unframed print and canvas print on top of offering mobile phone cases options, mouse pads, coasters, t-shirts, laptop skins and cards. 

To view it all, simply click the link to my portfolio, then select the artwork your like to be taken to a page where you'll see all the products it can be printed on. 

I am still in the process of uploading a lot of my 2016 Calendar artwork like the one above and add more to that series. These will be the ONLY pieces I will not offer as mobile phone covers as the shape and resolution aren't a good fit, but imagine a few of these "Food" themed designs on the wall of your dinning area, or in your kitchen!

Like it will be the case with Society6, I will keep uploading new stuff all the time, and will promote it very regularly on my Social media handles (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) so do stay tuned, the artwork you've been looking for could already be up for sale. 


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