Putting Cupick to the test

3:56 PM

The great thing about selling my art on Cupick, is that I can order it and see its quality without waiting weeks or breaking the bank as I would with Society6.

I knew the instant I would be selling on the domestic market I would make a point of buying my products so I that I would have something to show around and drive more sales in the long run.
So last Monday, late at night, I placed my first order :

I needed a new phone case as my old one was looking super worn out and as you all know, I am a notebook addict, I can't have too many notebooks.

The really really great thing about Cupick and mobile phone cases, is that unlike many print on demand websites, they do not just stick to iPhone and a few Samsung models. They sell artwork on cases for 125+ models across most leading brands. This meant my HTC One M8 was covered.

I placed my order late on Monday night, and got a message the next day saying my order had moved to production.
Then on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, I got the message that my order had been partially shipped. They printed and shipped the notebook first. On Thursday I got the notification my mobile phone case had been shipped as well.

Everything reached me on Friday afternoon, in two separate deliveries.

This is how the notebook was packaged inside a pretty simple courier envelope. And, this is how the notbook looks like out of its wrapping :

I ordered the Pocket size notebook (A6) in my Black Paisley pattern. The notebook is also available in the traveller's size (A5).

It's a cute little notebook with smooth and think blank paper inside. It's absolutely perfect for doodlers. I already started sketching in it and it is my new purse friendly sketchbook (even if it is on my desk as I type these words).

Shortly after my notebook got delivered, my phone case arrived :

The package had this little double sided card in the plastic pouch that said "We've got you covered" on one side, and said "Be Artsy. Be Unique. BE YOU!" on the other.

The phone and the reverse of the paper card look like this :

I ordered the Slim case for the HTC One M8 phone in the "Economy" version. mainly because my phone is quite old already and it doesn't make sense to spend more on a "Premium" quality case.

The pattern I chose for it is my Turquoise seashells.

The differences are in the warranty and print quality it seems. The Economy has a pretty basic print that is not covered by a lifetime warranty on the print quality and it only comes in matte finish.
The Premium quality comes in two finishes : matte or glossy (for the same price) and comes with a lifetime warranty on print and manufacture defect.

Different phone models might have different type of cases available, iPhones also have the option of a transparent case (provided the artist made its design with a transparent background (I do for most of my artwork) And this is how the same Seashell design would look like if you were to order the transparent case for the iPhone 6 :

Alas! The HTC One M8 doesn't offer many options for cases, but the slim case still looks really neat.
The matte finish on my case just has the right level of roughness to still look smooth but not escape my grasp. Whcih is a good thing considered I go on long walks holding my phone in my hand. Sweaty palms can get slippery, and this phone is not getting away like a slimy soap in this case.

All in all I was very satisfied with how Cupick is handling the printing of my designs and how fast the processing and delivery of my order was.
I can now truely recommend them to anybody living in India. I hope they will introduce more products as they grow, and I can't wait to try ordering some of my other designs for my home.

They ship their order via Fed Ex which is a very reliable courier company that is easy to track to.

Make sure you check my whole portfolio of artwork at Cupick, I keep adding new designs everyday.


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    The designs are beautiful and intricate. The transparent mobile cover is amazing. I don't know which one is more beautiful.


    1. Well the transparent cover and the non transparent one are the exact same design, I created, and uploaded the artwork only once :-) It's just that when I upload things as transparent PNG it give the option to Cupick to offer the design on the iPhone's transparent cases range.


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