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Crime against women, an alarming fact

12:17 PM

Today I started my day like all the other days: waking up, going online and then have breakfast and read the headlines in the local paper "The Hindu".

Only today I couldn't ignore that bold graphic on the front page : Crime against women in 2003

  • Molestation 33.43%
  • Cruelty by husband and his relative 25.71%
  • Sexual harrassment 14.56%
  • Kidnapping and abduction 10.45%
  • Rape 9.21%
  • Dowry death 3.64%
  • Dowry prohibition act 2.89
  • Indecent representation of women 0.10%
  • Importation of girls 0.02%
Source : Tamil Nadu police.

These statistics have been made based upon the reported cases. But, how many women actually find the guts to reporttheir husband's cruelty for example? Molestation, domestic abuse, and rape are crimes perpetuated all around the world and it made me wonder what kind of number other countries can come up with. Could they be worse than those?
India is quite paradoxal when it comes to women. On one side there is more women pursuing scientific careers than in Europe, and on the other, famillies hopes for sons instead of daughters. In rich spoiled famillies, they use ultrasound to determine the sex of the unbornchild, a female fetus is eliminitated, in other famillies girls are abandonned or worse killed!
Seems it's not good to be a girl around here. Girls mean big expenses; for the dowry, and all the cost of a wedding. A cost poor famillies often can't afford to give their daughter a good husband.
In rich famillies, there is this insanity of male inheritance, avoiding the birth of a baby girl means more inheritance going to the males of the family.Women seem to be a liability and a burden.

Fortunately, things tend to change, slowly but they do, especially in cities. Girls are getting educated more and more and once they taste professional life it's a bit harder to tell them to go back to the kitchen. The media have a great role to play in women empowerment too. Magazines such as Femina work hard on the idea that a baby girl is a blessing. Newspaper don't fail to mention when a girl score big points in a final school exam. Recently, they even said that girl joining the girl scouts may help increase their pride in being who they are.
But in a country of 1 billon souls, most of them anchored in tradition, it may take another decade to see real progress. And, education is highly needed among the male community. Harder punishement is required for those who commit crimes against women. In some cases and in some States men risk the death penalty for raping a woman. 

A message to the women all around the world : You rock, take pride in who you are!


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