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Ceiling fans inconveniences

10:42 PM

Readers from cool countries (read a bit cold)! You lucky guys who use a ceiling fan in your bedroom during the hot summer nights to keep you fresh, I'm about to unveil the hidden face and nasty personality of those gizmos.

India and its tropical damp and hot climate requires the use of ceilings fan 24/7 (almost) and it can turn some simple tasks into something a bit more...difficult, or even annoying. First, always remember to switch them off when you sweep the floor or you'll spend your day trying to make that neat pile of dirt in the middle of the room. You'll sweat...but hey remember houshold activities are considered exercise.

After all that sweating tidiing the room, what more relaxing that sitting on the sofa, or on the bed, or your favourite armchair to read the paper with the cool breeze of a ceiling fan?

Hmmmm better think twice about the relaxing part...reading the paper under a miniature helicopter is anything but. It is quite a challenge. It will turn the pages of your paper faster than you can actually read it, or it will bend them in such a way that any reading becomes an Olympic sports. The solution? Well, you probably guessed right : switch off the fan and sweat some more. An alternative is totry reading the paper in bed with your feet holding the pages down while you read. It will feel like you are doing some stretching while reading, and a nice way to get a little more of a workout in your day.

If like me you have an artistic bone in your body, schedule your creative moment after a good heavy rain when fans are not needed anymore or see the paint dry faster on your drawing. That, or sweat a lot while doing an artistic project. Don't even think collages are a simpler thing. if i havent made it clear already, paper and ceiling fans don't mix. On the plus side, you could get a new type of workout into your day called "chase the paper clippings around".

Now, one can wonder what is actually good to do with the fans on. Answer : Sleep, watch TV, spend time online.  Why  do you think I spend so much time websurfing huh? Ask the fans.

Of course the easiest solution to all the fans related probem is an AC unit. They are a bit coslty and the electricity bill may skyrocket to a new dimension, but at least you'll be able relax while reading the paper. A little something to mind though : Never let a man play with it, they tend to like a temp that would make your freezer look like a hot place. I got to witness that in guesthouses that had the AC. We currently don't have it in our place.


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