Learning Hindi

12:05 PM

I've been supposed to learn it for at least one year. I have the books,  and the CDs, but it seems the motivation is completly missing. In Geneva I tried finding a class but there were none. In fact, most of the people asked me "What's that for a language!?"

So on my own, I first learned the alphabet or should I say the Devnagari Script which is completly different from the roman alphabet.

I was quite good at that, I know most of the characters now. But what's the use? I don't know the meaning of the words that took me so long to read. Not to mention we live in Chennai, were people prefer speaking Tamil or English over Hindi, and everything is written in Tamil (I obviously can't read that, it is a completely different script and writting system)

I tried the Rosetta stone software for a while. I was an online subscriber, but I always was too busy with work, exams, and life in general to log in and actually complete the course. I learned a few words though, which is a start.
Then I moved to India, packed my books and CD and again, tried to learn on my own. No one was eager to really teach me the language and what is actually pretty hard for my French tongue, is the pronounciation. Finding the subtilities between "ta" "ta" "tha" and "tHa" and other things is still somewhat of a tongue twister for me.

Thinking of it, I leanred to speak French very late despite it being my mother tongue. According to my parents I didn't really speak a word until the age of 3 but I spoke correctly immediately without twisting words. Of course, I had my few funny words, but less than my sister who was an earlier speaker.

I conclude then, that I'll finally speak a few words in hindi when I'll get that thing right. The good new being that I can understand a few words already and somewhat follow what happens on TV.

So far here is one sentence I know : Hindi asan nahin hai! Meaning: Hindi is not easy...I guess it's up to me to make it become easy.

Where are my books again?????


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