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3:31 PM

Last night it rained a little. In fact, it's starting to rain again right this minute as I'm writing those words down.

The monsoon season is starting now in Chennai. And, the monsoon means more mosquitoes around. If you thought you knew everything about those nasty little bugs, think again!
 Here mosquitoes belong to a whole new league of pain and irritation. They are not only those annoying thing that bites you at night. They can transmit malaria, and degue as well. I've been bitten lots of time here and so far I'm disease free (touch wood).

For the past few month I've been able to live without any mosquitoe repellant cream. The All out plug in device was good enough to keep them at bay. But now, I seriously consider a trip to the pharmacy to buy some. The All out plug device is no longer working and those nasty bugs bite at every hours of days and night.
They are also quite painful. The itch is horrible, and this morning I woke up seeing they enjoyed my tights a great deal (there must be something about tender fleshy skin). They enjoyed it so much, that I look like I'm having chicken pox and the itching drives me nut.

The other day I asked my boyfriend why he doesn't have any. He told me they must have grown sick and tired of good old indian blood and prefer sweeter and exotic blood like mine. 

Well, I don't mind being sweet. Just not to mosquitoes.


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