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2:55 AM

This morning I heard the now familiar sound of maids washing clothes by hand on the washing stones. That sharp "slap" sound of wet clothes hitting the stone.
This very sound still makes me feel sorry for the clothes being washed that way. I guess I can't forget 4 years of fabric technolgy studies in which we were told that banging wet fabrics against a hard surface actually breaks the fiber. I wonder how long clothes do survive this treatment. It also reminded me my first maid in Bangalore, I had no washing mashine and she used to wash my clothes the very same way, needless to say I kept all my delicate outfits away from her.

That typical indian sound made me think of all other things I will forever associate with India.

I came up with a color range that could make the rainbow jealous. All those bright saris and salwar kameez, but also the sight of all those brightly painted advertising signs, the temples and shrine at almost every street corners, the dazzling jewelry adds. 

Each and every city I visited has it's own traits too.
I will always remember Bangalore for it's trees and green spaces, Bombay for it's heavy traffic, Delhi for all the cows wandering in the streets and Chennai for all the billboards on the main roads.
There is the smell too, the smell of jasmine garlands, the smell of food cooked at some roadside booth, the smell of fruits in a market, and unfortunately the smell of pollution and stagnating water.


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