A trip to the supermarket

6:35 PM

Ok first I reassure you, the trip is not that long, about 15 minutes by feet, but due to the heat I don't go there everyday.

There was a time, not too long ago (yet it already feels like eons passed) I was new to India. It was sooooo confusing to me. Shopping especially, and specifically grocery shopping. Finding the products, comparing prices, knowing what was actually sold in a supermarket and what was not. 
Supermarkets are smaller around here than they are in Switzerland, and they don't sell everything the way I was used to back home (glue, paper, and stationnary are bought in a different shop for example).

Now, I know exactly what kind of products I can expect and how much they cost. It feels like I have come a long way.

However, there is still one section that puzzles me: the cosmetics section. 

In Bangalore it was clear and easy to find product in one row. In Mumbai I had the full choice I had in Europe.
In the small supermarket here in Chennai... everything is scattered in 2-3 rows to begin with. And, there is the mighty brand promoter girl. Don't get me wrong, her brand is great, I have her Shampoo and I love it. But, I HATE her habits of peeking in the other rows to see what consumers are buying and then come with her products and push you into buying it.

Last time I was buying my favourite Ultra Doux conditionner, and I would never trade this one for another (exept maybe my hair stylist's one in Geneva). There came our Ayurvedic lady trying to persuade me to buy hers!

Arrrgh!!!! Here I went explaining that I loooooooove my conditionner, and there she went telling me that hers had no chemicals. I replied that I still love mine, and she keept telling me that I should use her brand. I added that I love her shampoo but that I wanted to stick to the Ultra Doux conditionner. In the end, I won and I left with my old trusted product. I feel a bit bad for her though because I've been doing her job for a while, promoting a laundry soap.However, I know that forcing people into buying your brand is not the solution.

Today I went there again, and I was planning to have a look at what kind of facial scrubs were available there. But my dear Ayurvedic product girl was there as well. Ready to jump on the next customer who would dare to lay an eye on one of those other brand full of chemicals. So, I headed for the plastic container section (as if I really needed to buy one of those), and tried to strike back by the other side of the cosmetic aisle....nope...she was ready to pounce on me like a tiger that hasn't eaten for at least two months. I was a real coward today; and really not in mood to fight the promoting lady. I ended up making a mental note to check her products for a cleansing milk. And, next time I'll have to wait at the pharmacy, I'll look at the cosmetic products there. 


  1. Heheh I told you I am going to read from the beginning :) I have loooong reading in front of me.
    This is exactly what happened to me today when I was looking for some hair products and I decided to but one and here comes this lady buy this one, and I asked is this one no good?
    no no it is good madam. And I started to ask lots of questions about the products, they had to give up. I don't think they will dare to bother me again :)

  2. Hehe, I didn't realise I had so many posts on my blog, turns out over the years I have around 250 entries, some are short and silly though :-)

    I turly hate being bothered when I shop, unless I ask a question I like the staff to remain discreet and stay the hell out of my hair, and I don't like brand promoters who just push their product on me.
    Just this pas Saturday I was looking fro two simple things in a supermarket: Deodorant and face cream and the minute I steped into the deodorant section 3 ladies jumped on me, i told them I was just looking but they kept hovering like vultures so I grabbed the first one that looked like a feminie scent and left, then remebered about the face cream and had to go back there, I didn't even spent two seconds looking at what was available that the vultures where back, this time I looked at one straight in the eye, and spoke clearly enough that I am allergic to a lot of things in face creams (in fact just kiwi extracts and pineapple) and that I needed to look at the things by myself and that no I didn't need help or suggestion as I know what I was looking for. Fortunately they left me alone after that, sounds like between 2004 and 2010 nothing has changed there :-)


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