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Water scarcity and power failure

12:00 PM

For the complete novice, those two theme are as much part of India as spicy food and silk sarees. 

Water problems are at their worst in Chennai, and according to my landlady and neighbours it seems no one is really determined to do something efficient about it.
Power failure? It is a daily occurance in India. It comes without much of a warning, knows no schedule, and you'll never know when it will come back.
You better hook your computer to a back up power generator or you will loose everthing in progress each time one of those nasty power outage strike. The UPS usually only really gives you the luxury of saving your work, and switching off the computer, they can't really keep your computer running for more than 30 minutes during a break. 

The worst case senario: A good part of the night without electricity, meaning no cool fresh air form the ceiling fan. Which means you will wake up the next morning all sticky from loosing gallons of sweat in your bed, eager for a shower you make a beeline for the bathroom only to find out there is no water. 
Yep  that's right! Stay sticky for a while. And this is a real life experience, it actually DID happen to me.

There are some area in Chennai where you can have running water in your tap for only a couple hours a day, generally from 6 am to 11am and then from 7 pm to 10 pm in the evening. In those buildings, you better plan your day according to the water schedule. Be a wise being by storing some water in buckets.

Fortunately, I live in a house where running water is available 24/7, and the only time I get no water out of that tap is because the landlady switched off the pump or had the water tank refilled with fresh water that tend to be muddy the first few day (Yumm!).
Of course, like everybody, I do my little rain water harvesting on the terrace. Every time a strom or a heavy rain comes, I put my buckets outside and then let my maid use this water to mop my floors.

Saving water has become my everyday motto, and I really think that everybody on this planet should do the same no matter where you live.


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