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Who I am and why on earth do I live in India?

8:45 PM

For those who don't know me, I guess it's time to give you a mini bio so that you don't get lost in the next entries to come.

I was born and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland (I'm Swiss by the way), and I lived there more or less happily for the past 24 years and half.
So, why on Earth did I move to India? Apparently nothing could have predisposed me to live there. I say "apparently"...because about 3 years ago I met a new online buddy. Buddy who by the way was just a friend at that time, he is Indian and we had tons of fun and it was great to chat. It kept going, and then the seed of Love was planted, it grew unnoticed for a little while, then it bloomed and Fate helped a little by transfering him to UK, which made it really easy for us th meet in real life. Unfortunately Shortly after I met him he had to go back to India to pursue his studies, and I was stuck with mine in Geneva (I'm an interior decorator if you really want to know). We were to face a two years long distance relationship, which was awfully hard for me.

Last September, I finished my studies and decided to move to India, first I lived in Bangalore, then Bombay, and now I'm in Chennai and I hope to stay there for a while to catch my breath.

DBF and I are going through the high and low of coupledom but that also help us learn more about ourselves, it's a great experience. In the past 9 month I also learned that I was highly adaptive, it didn't take me lot of time to get adjust to a new country and culture.

That said, you are now ready to follow my adventure. 

2014 Update:

Of course, I am still in India, been there for nearly 11 years now. This blog has been there for a decade. The man that started as my online buddy, then boyfriend, is now my Husband, but if you came to my blog reading the most recent entries, you figured that part out already. We live in Mumbai. The time in Chennai ended up being a 7-8 month long stay before we relocated back to Bangalore for 6 years, then to Navi Mumbai for 7 months, back to Bangalore for 6 months, and to Mumbai were as I type these words we have been for 3 years and two days. There that should cover it all for now, enjoy your reading. 


  1. scorpioX24:24 AM

    how wonderful, i also met my bf online as friends while i was in the U.S. and now i'm in france and living with him.

    i love your blog, i'll keep checking for updates


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