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Home sweet Home

10:33 PM

Another lazy day at home, in fact this afternoon I was in bed watching tv and I felt so good and said to myself "So good to be at home"

HOME, 4 letters that define something pleasant, a place we feel really comfy about. For me, logically, Home should be Geneva Switzerland right? Well believe it or not I was born in a place I actually never liked in my entire life. When I recieve mails from my familly asking me if I miss Switzerland or if I feel homesick sometimes, the answer is a loud and clear NO. 

The other day, my cousin even asked me if I missed the Swiss social climate...no way. I sometime try to read Swiss papers online, but I really feel like I'm reading about a completely different planet. A country with different expectations, and different problems. I even think some members of my familly wish I would come back so they can call my time in India "a little youth insanity". The thing is, they simply can't understand why I like it better here. My Grand ma in particular; she can't understand why I fell in love with an Indian guy in the first place and why on Earth I decided to move half accross the globe for him. Right after I left, she started writting to me in German again. A thing she completely gave up after I left highschool declaring me hopeless while I was still living in Geneva. Now, each time I get a card from her I'm ready to tear my hair off because I don't really understand what she is saying. Except that she is on a mission to "Swissize" me to the extreme. I sometimes which she could understand that my reading German is as difficult as it is for her to write in French. With the exception that unlike her, I can't get any help for translation  over here.

In fact thinking of it, I always found India somewhat familiar and normal. Don't get me wrong, the first few weeks I was a bit lost, but yet nothing was really strange, or completely amazing. I never really missed any Swiss food stuff. Even though I really appreciate Swiss chocolate when I can get some, and I love Swiss cheese ( which I can't have here, as it doesn't exist). But, on the other hand I became totally addicted to spicy food, salted banana chips, Khatta meetha and samosas.

Most of the time I feel like a foreigner there though, mostly because people stare at me, probably because of my light skin. And the one thing that I will probably never understand is:  What's that insanity about wanting to have a fair skin? Girls are ready to spend thusands on fairness cream or dermatological treatments to look like one of those movie stars. But then, thinking about it I found that western girl wanting to be darker is an equally insane thing. And if fairness cream work as well as selftan products...well you know what I mean...


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