The roadside tailor

9:30 PM

For a while already, I noticed this thin guy working on his sewing machine on the the side of a busy roads that takes me to the supermarket. Little I knew that I would need his services today.

A few month back one of my pair of pajamas (understand loose fitting pants that goes with a Kurta) got a hole where you don't want one to be (You guessed where by now I'm sure) Never really bothered by it, I just set the pants aside and wore the kurta with my jeans, but on Monday, another pair of pants got torn in the same place and it's one of my favourite set, and on the kurta of that same set, one of the sleeve was starting to go away. So, an emergency trip to the tailor was needed.

The problem was that this guy was probably not speaking English, and I dont speak any Tamil. So, I asked the landlady if by any chance he understood a few words of English before heading there myself. it turned out that as I expected, he knew Tamil only. The landlady therefore offered to go with me and talk to him.
He could fix my kurta's sleeve and my old torn pants but will have to go back tomorrow with a piece of cloth to fix  the pants belonging to my favourite set. The good surprise was that it was cheaper than I expected. In Bangalore I had a similar problem and was charged 10 rupees for the fix at a dry cleaning shop, here I got charged 2 rupees only. 

My torn pants made me worry about my waistline though, it seems I put on wieght recently, and some of my kurtas are starting to feel tight around the chest. And Ifeel a little tight in my jeans as well. I guess it's time to exercise a little more or eat less fatty food or soon my bottom wont even enter my freshly fixed pants. Life is unfair, I live in a country full of yummy food and the heat here doens't encourrage one to shake one's bottom to stay fit. 


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