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Dont worry it's not the name of a tropical disease of some kind, but the name of a tiny vegetable here.

Let me begin by the begining....

Yesterday, I was on one of my regular trips to the supermarket, and after taking the regular apples, bananas, baby eggplant and white cabbage, I wondered what other vegetables I  could possibly need...potatoes? Nope....Cucumber? Still had some left in the fridge....Beans? Not in mood...Coccinea? Wait!!! What is that?????
I then remembered that when I first arrived in India, I made a point of trying at least one new food a week. So, I decided to take a chance with those coccineas, whatever they were. My main problem was how to cook that stuff. At almost about 9 rupees a pound, I wasn't risking much anyway. It's not as if I were experiencing with caviar.

Once dinner time arrived, I took those little thingy in the kitchen and looked at them closely. They were no bigger than my thumb, both in length and diameter. They looked a bit like miniature cucumbers or zucchinis.
Two questions popped into my mind :

1) what does the inside look like? And, what does it tastes like? I cut one lengthwise to find out, and the inside was green and looked like a cucumber, but felt harder...taste?...A bit like a cucumber too, but just a bit.

2) Is the peel edible? Yup, and it's a bit crunchy, but definitely tasting good.

So here I went, dicing my coccineas. And, made up my mind about frying them turning them into a vegetable curry of sort. This required me to cut some tomatoes along with the onions. I fried the thing in mustard seeds, cumin, tumeric and chili adding a little water so that it could cook longer.

The result? Quite good, I even added some to my fried chinese nooddles for lunch today. The morality of this story? Never be scared of a new vegetable. Be curious and experiment with it, chances are you wont be disappointed at all...


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Morality of it all? :-)

    1. Why should there be a morality to that story? :-)


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