Great house cleaning

5:39 PM

If there is one Hindu celebration you should remember, it's Diwali. It's also called the festival of lights and marks the begining of Hindu New Year for some communities (not all).

This year, it will start on November 11th and it will be my first Diwali. I don't really kow exactly what it is all about but dbf will be there to celebrate it with me. So far, I know it's about lighting oil lamps called dyias, eating and gifting sweets, buying new clothes and doing some firecrakers, and mainly it's about worshiping Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

But, before you can start celebrating there is some house cleaning to be done. The point is to clean the house completely, from floor to ceiling. If you don't it properly then the goddess of wealth might not want to visit your home this year...that alone pushed me into doing the cleaning. DBF is not around so I did it all by myself.
Sarting by cleaing the mosquitoe nets on the windows. Then realising the windows' bars where dirty too (We have bars on windows there to prevent thieves and monkeys from coming in).
Then I cleaned the shelves in the kitchen and the book case in the living room. I then dusted the computer and the TV, cleaned the fridge, washed the floors and the bathroom. I even emptied dbf's closet, and threw all the stuff that needed washing in the washing machine, and removed the spiderwebs on the ceiling (you cant blame me for not being thourough)

Now our flat is all clean and we are ready to celebrate.

I couldn't help notice that all the shops in town are doing Diwali promotions, selling ornamented nut baskets and beautiful sweet boxes, offering several contest to win exiting prices...but no special offer on cleaning products...how is that?


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