Happy Diwali

10:47 PM

You probably read my last entry in which I told you about all that house cleaning we have to do prior having a good time. Now, let me tell you how I celebrated Diwali....

My bf came on Thursday 11th in the morning and went buying some firecrakers, diyas (small oil lamps) and sweets so that we could celebrate properly in the evening.
When night came, we arranged the diyas outside our flat (the main entry is accesible only by a small balcony) and on our big terrace. The light was absolutely magical. Then we had a few sweets, dbf bought some almond marzipan and cashew nut marzipan squares (those are as big as the palm of my hand) funnily enough those come with a thin silver foil "icing" and it feels odd to actually eat something metallic. But, don't let the silver foil stop you, those are super delicious, and quite dangerous for the waist line I must say.
Then we proceeded to doing some fireworks on the terrace. But, first we had to get rid of the landlady's dog who seeked a noisless refuge into our home. Poor him, he didn't knew that the crackers mania had hit us too. We were stopped in our revelry quite fast from a sudden rain spell that put out all the diya. Dbf and I do retreated inside our flat.
After a little while, we decided to go out for dinner. Me not being skilled enough in Indian cooking to do that special meal to eat on Diwali. We headed to one of those classy hotels and as soon as we entered the dinning hall, were offered some sweet, this time a greasy over sugary nut paste that again tasted awesome but was a bit hard to gulp down. We werent disappointed by the food either, we ate some chicken cooked in a thick rich gravy made of garlic and ginger with garlic naans...a pure delight, and a good address for me to remember, my mom may be interested in going there.

Celebrating Diwali reminded me about a line I read in a touristic guide saying it was the noisiest festival. I can now say it's true. As for about 48 hours fire crakers burst non stop, reaching a peak of decibel between 7-10 pm. It actually made me wonder if gunshots in a war zone could be as noisy. Needless to say that after a few days of non stop kaboom bangs, the air was smelling of burnt explosive powder as well. The funniest was that at night the smoke wouldn't go away, not even with the rain and created a fog over the city. It got serious enough when we reached our residential area because we couldn't even see the road on our way back from the restaurant.

On Sunday, a little while after dbf took the train back to Bangalore, his cousin (whom he calls his sis) called me to wish me a happy Diwali, she lives in US and I asked her how she celebrated it, I knew she wouldn't be allowed to do fireworks, but I was really shocked to learn lighting diyas outside her home was also forbiden, which I find pretty unfair because people lit candles outside for Christmas and Halloween and they are far more hazardous than diyas. I really wonder why ...


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