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No connection at home, back in Cafe

2:39 PM

Here is what happen when you don't pay your bill on due day here : you get cut, and this is what happened to me yesterday. The bill will be paid on Saturday, but until then, if I want to go online I have to go to Cybercafe again.

In the past year, I've used so many strange computer in those place...When I was in Bangalore, the cybercafe was my second home, I was going there daily for several hours, to chat with my bf and to keep in touch with my familly. When I moved to Bombay and then to Chennai, the most important thing for me was to find one of those cafe nearby so I could stay connected on the move. Now I must say I'm becoming an expert at spotting them and getting my temporary work place organised, the first thing I do when I sit on one of those desk, is take out my pen, a note pad and my mobile phone out of my purse. I need the notepad and the pen to count the posts and take notes to write my daily report on iVillage where I'm the CL for the allergies and asthma board. My mobile is in front of me to keep in touch with dbf, because he send me sms several time a day to ask what I'm doing and get worried if I don't give any reply.

I also learned how to bookmark my links on yahoo so that I can still access my favourite websites in an instant, not to mention that part of my preparation to leave switzerland included storing all my pictures and important document online so that I could access them anywhere in the world, anytime. Being mobile requires lot of organistation


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