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11:54 AM

There is one thing I still love to do even after one year in India : Watching little details of everyday life. Here are a few I noticed recently :

  • Saris hanged to dry over a bridge banister on the side of a busy road.
  • The limes and orange in most fresh juice joints are arranged in kinds of garlands as a decoration.
  • A small god procession in my neighbourhood on Deepawali. Pretty flowers, people playing drum and trumpet, and the smell of insence complete the tableau.
  • A cow eating the leftovers in a garbage pile.
  • Amazing chalk graphics drawn in front of each house entrance.
  • The light of Diyas on Diwali and Deepawali.
  • A beautiful sunset, a bright pink sky behind black palm trees.
  • A bull cart in the middle of the heavy traffic.
  • Wedding processions all over the city (the wedding season has started).
  • The colorful lights and painted carvings ornating temples all over the city.
  • Small ornated god shrines in various street corners.
  • The bright colors of women clothing.
  • The lavish silk sarees displayed on big bilboards along main roads (there are some for equaly lavish jewelry, but I have a little something for fabrics).
  • People selling almost everything on wheel carts by the roadside. Trinkets of all kind, plastic buckets and jars, fruits, bike covers, balloons for kids....
  • The street cleaning a staff : a couple of men and women with brooms sweeping the littered streets and dust and storing them in a wheel cart full of small buckets. Public trash cans do not seem exist around here, people throw litters directly in the street.
There are so many details to notice if one choose to pay attention to them, and it makes one experience richer and fuller at the end of a trip or simply at the end of the day.


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