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2:28 PM

This is a very very good excuse not to take time to write on this blog for once. Between dbf coming for the weekend, and the neighbours who suddenly saw the need to introduce themselves (after 5 months of me living here) I was more than busy.
I'm spending lots of time with the woman living upstair. She is really nice and we are having lots of girl talk which I missed a lot since I arrived here in India. She teaches me Hindi and how to cook vegetarian dishes.
In fact she is slowly indianizing me, and I feel like I'm getting integrated. Until now, I felt like the foreigner in the area...
Yesterday she showed me her saree collection and is really talking me into wearing one too. I usually wear salwaar suits so it's not like I'm a complet stranger to indian wear, I just don't know how to drape a saree and I don't even own one, but she is not the first one to say I would look great in one.
She also wonder why I don't wear any bindi with my traditionnal clothes, the truth is I never felt like wearing one because I'm a foreigner, but again she told me it would look nice on me and gave me one to wear, she told me to wear it for her, which I will definitely do tonight.

Now dbf will come back on weekends to see how I'm slightly adaptating more and more.
On the personnal level, I would say it's really nice to get to see India from a woman point of view and my neighbour's way of intergrating me more in the everyday life things is really really great.


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