Wrap Pack Send

11:15 PM

This will be the moto in a few weeks...Why? Well, I'm on the move...again

DBF was looking for a flat in Bangalore since it seems he is posted there permanently. On Friday, he told me the move may occur December end or early January. So, I will be emptiing the shelves, wrapping delicate stuff in newspapers and packing everything in boxes.

My brain is already busy with moving plans. Or packing ones, to be precise, since this time I don't want those stupid courrier person to break stuff like they did in Bombay by insisting that we pack stuff more tightly to have less boxes. These intelligent guys managed to pack the sugar box with computer hardware and put the CDs in the bottom of a big box only to throw books on top later. And wedged a few books in the kitchen stuff. We even found a jar of garlic paste in pieces with garlic paste stinking all over, and DBF's beer mug in a state that would make the most complicated puzzle in the world a joke! We don't want that to happen again.

Now, part of me is happy to move and be with my bf again, but serioulsy a bigger part of me is rebelling against anything cardboard boxes, especially around the holidays.

The first thing I did hearing the new was email my familly and tell them not to send any snail mail. Meaning christmas presents and greetings! And, of course, leave it to my stepmom  to ask questions again : "What will you pack? Will you sell your furniture and buy new one in B'lore? Never mind I told her several time we don't have furnitures appart from a computer desk and our matresses but she keep asking. "When will you move?", "What will you do for Christmas?" "And for new year?" "And where will you be?" "When will you give us you new address?"

The answer to most of the questions above are NO and I DONT KNOW but apparently it's useless to tell her. In her next mail she asked to have some pics of me and my bf sent by email, though I told her zillion time in the past that the film in my APS camera can't be developped here and that I don't have a digital camera. So, no pics...I wonder if she really read my mails carefully. Seriously.

Right now I'm focusing on not loosing all my marbles in this new shift and take really care of myself, it's the 4th move in one year so I'm a bit drained.


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