The Incredibles

6:28 PM

Wow, with that Tsunami, and the fact I shifted on January 8th, there's been a long gap!

The incredibles...and, I'm not talking about the movie which by the way I haven't seen yet. No, I'm talking about the packers and movers that shifted our stuff from Chennai to Bangalore. They arrived at around 10 am on Saturday 8th with loads of boxes, cardboard, scotch tape, clamps and stuff. And immediately went to work. Frankly, they worked so fast I couldn't keep an eye on them in the living room while I was telling the servant's wife to take the leftover vegetables and other perishable food to her place. And, I had still some suitcases to pack. DBF was then out on a trip to pay some bills and get some money back while I was the lone Empress of the house again. Supervising stuff when I could actually do so, keeping an eye on a 3 years old adventurous boy while talking with his mom, and trying to pack a few things. All the while cleaning some others, seriously I should have at least 3 pairs of arms in such moments, and possibly a few heads to go with them.

When dbf came back he also had some chicken burgers with him. A great thing because in the hour and a half he was gone, the fridge was already back in it's box ready to be carried down stairs.
Our gang of supermen left for lunch before bringing all our belongings downstairs and to the truck. We ate our burger and lemon rice the servants wife cooked for us (she is the sweetest woman I ever met).

By 2 pm our movers came back, wrapped the motorbike in meters of cardboard sheets, and the loading began. Again, it went at ligth speed, but most of the time I kept out of the way playing with the 3 years old servant's kid. I had a few glimpse of their incredible strength, but nothing prepared me to see one of the mover come down the sair with our washing machine on is back. YES! ON his back and he was carrying that thing alone. Amazed, I asked DBF if they did the same with the fridge and he told me that he didn't look.

With our stuff gone to a long trip Bangalore, we had nothing else to do until our 11 pm train. So, I completely forgot about our incredible movers...until the next day, in Bangalore.

Bangalore 9 pm on Sunday : Our incredible movers reach our new home, and the unloading goes pretty fast. This time I didn't miss the arrival of the fridge. Imagine my surprise again, when this time I see an elderly man carrying the thing alone on his back. Sure, there is a lift in that building. But still, I can't even push that thing and he has it resting on his back not even showing any signs of how heavy it is. I delivered sofas for 4 years, and that fridge is as heavy and as large as those...even my boss couldn't lift a sofa alone! Surely there must be something with those guys...

Since it was getting late they didn't unpack our stuff. They just helped us positioning the washing machine and fridge and left us to go unload more weights at another house.
DBF and I were less incredible at unpacking though. With hours of little sleep behind us I must say that at 11pm we where looking like zombies. Not even knowing what we were unpacking or storing away, or even where we left the sissors last. We ended up calling it a night, went to bed beated up and sleepy, leaving the mess in the living room unhable to even think, and all we did was unpacking!


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