End of season Sales

11:00 AM

Yep, I went shopping. The beauty of it? I went shopping on SUNDAY!!!! This is the nice part about living in India, shops are often open 7 days a week wich means you can actually go on Sunday take your time and still have Saturday free to do all those stuff you can't do during the week. Which for a Swiss girl like me is an exiting new thing. You see, in Switzerland shops close at 7pm all week long and at 5 or 6 on Saturday, and Sundays are completely closed, NOTHING is open, and you better not ever run out of milk on that day.

This weekend was the last weenk end of the End of season Sales as well. Meaning it was my last chance to get a good deal on clothes. My salary is due on March 1st but thanks god I still have some money in Switzerland, and I do not need to keep it as an emergency fund anymore. On top of that my Grand ma sent me some money by mail, so I was actually "rich"...just kidding.

So, on Sunday I took an Auto Rickshaw, direction Globus, one of those somewhat westernized shops that sell clothes, perfume and the like (actually the one I went was small so clothes only). In there, bright colors flash you, piles of clothes for sales, women looking for their size, and loud music created a little whirlwind. Uonfortunately nothing good for grab; the only colors in matter of Indian wear (understand Salwaar Suits which was what I was after) were hot neon pink, yellow, neon green, and southern sea blue, which are also the only colors I cannot wear easily with my complexion (despite salespeople trying to convince you that fair people can wear anything)
After 20 minutes spent in there, I struggled to find the exit (why do they always hide it???) Hopped in an Auto again direction Shopper's Stop another of those westernized shops, but bigger and nicer, selling everything from clothes, jewels and books to make up and shoes. Fortunately this shop is on my way home so didn't waste money on Auto this time (Going all the way to Globus WAS a waste).
In there, I must have spent hours, looking at all suits for sales, trying to find short sleeved onesas the end of Winter was looming and long sleeved one would end up useless. Trust me just saying the word long sleeves now makes me sweat right now.
After several trials of what I thought I liked and what was definietly making me look like a zombie disguized as a parrot, a nice saleslady came to my rescue. I told her that technically I was looking for a short sleeved kurta set (meaning it commes with the loose fitting pants and a dupatta), that too not in shades of blue, red, orange or brouwn because I already have lots of those at home. And there she goes assisting me in my choice looking for that perfect outfit. Sadly all the nice ones I saw had long sleeves and I didn't want that, and told her so.
She went on saying the magic words I needed to hear : "We can cut the sleeves to the desired length Madam"....Oh Joy! Oh Heaven! I knew that in any small shops in india they could alter a dress to fit you and you only so themuch so that finding right size is less of a problem. But, I never heard of actually cutting the sleeves, much less so in a department store.
I guess the Swiss customer is still in me somewhere. Try to even have the length of your pants adjusted in Geneva and it's the matter of a week before it's ready, and it comes at a fee. Ask them to cut the sleeve and they send you to hell...In India any alteration of readymade garments is possible and takes less than an hour as they have a tailor working in the shop itself. Trust me he is usually a busy man because it's in the habit to have your clothes made to fit in this country.

So there I went selecting a lovely set in shades of purple and navy blue, specified  that I wanted 8 inches long sleeves and sent it to the tailor. In the mean time, I looked around, and ended up inquiring about the price of a watch I saw in a Magazine a few weeks earlier. The price was so decent I actually asked to see it, but it was a bit too small and would not fit my wrist at all. It was a bangle-like watch that couldn't be adjusted... too bad! However, another watch from the same collection caught my eye, and I ended up buying it as well.

Me being a reasonable shopper, I ended there, buying a dress I needed for office and a watch as a nice treat to myself, it took 25 minutes for the tailor to have my dress ready and another 20 for me to reach back home glowing. Glowing of finally being able to spend a Sunday afternoon in a shop without DBF being impatient at my womanly urges.
It felt great feeling girly again indeed!

That's probably a thing no man will ever understand...Oh well...


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