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Got Myself a job

4:10 PM

Sorry for the lack of update all! Not too long after settling down in Bangalore, I got myself a job.

Not the most exiting thing on the planet, but well paid, speaking French being largely responsible for the amount of money I'm going to make.

Technically it's one of those call center jobs, now I know you guys are not so fond of telemarketers, me neither, anyway that's what I am now...sort of...anyway my job is to call hotels in France and update a free online databse inwich they are listed, my 8 hours of work consist in repeating the same 10 or so questions over and over again, with an occasional more than rude person on the line.

Now the good thing with that kind of job is that first of all, I call France, so my day starts at 1 pm and finishes at 9 pm. For the kind of non morning person that I am, it's the perfect shift. The only problem being that you add 2 hours in a car and it makes a day of 10 hours and a dbf in training in matter of household tasks.
The other advantage is that since I speak French fluently (it's my native tongue), it gives me a huge promotion potential, especially in a small company like mine where they lack a few qualified person to manage a foreign language team (Trust me its the only reason I'm givign this job a chance).

What doesn't hurt is that the team is great and we have loads of fun on the way to and fro work because we get a free car transfer and lots of time to make bonds with colleagues.


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