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The village in the city

4:15 PM

I wanted to write about this a long time ago. And, now that I'm logged in, I think I should give you a description of where I live.

I live in one of those modern huge appartment complexes. Quite nice, and quiet....quiet, really quiet, the reason? To reach my home, you must go off the main road, cross what has been an isolated village long time ago but has been swallowed by the expantion of the city and its suburb and only then will you reach my building.The apparetment complex probably stand on what has been a field a little while back (a decade or so). The path (can't call that road), is packed with sheeps, cows, chicken and people. The house are small, and so are the shops. The ride is quite bumpy if you ask me, blame it on the absence of Tar on the "road".

Now that I take that road daily I realise that what I thought was the bumpiest road in Bangalore was not even close to it. Most of my colleagues live in similar areas with their lot of small houses and farm pets among more modern buildings with even bumpier roads to reach them. I can' help but think about how those village people are actually viewing this expension. Concrete and buildings are eating green fields at an incerdible pace, flyovers, main roads and shopping malls pop like daisies and yet the traffic keeps being slow and jammed. How could people who have been living a village life until no so long ago cope with that sudden change?


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