A night trip to Nandi Hills

10:55 AM

I warn you now, this thing happened more than a week ago now. I just couldn't find anytime to write about it sooner, damed job of mine!

So it was a Saturday like any others. DBF and I acted as two lazy bugs at home, our jobs leave us too tired to think of doing much on weekends. When I suggested we go out for dinner, because, let's face it, I was even too lazy to cook, and the pastas I made at lunch time were already too much of an effort.
After a few websearches and discussion, we decided to try that Japanese restaurant I wanted to try. DBF never went to one and I was carving for some raw fish. We therefore decided to treat ourselves well this one time considering the fact that it is a costly place. DBF struggled to finish his Huge Chicken Terriyaki while I was gulping down a no less huge meal of sashimi, rice, soup and pickles. We left the restaurant  with our bellies full and really satisfied with the food...one more good address to remember for us.

We then decided to stop at some friends place in the neighbourhood to pick up some of my stuff before heading home and continue our lazy bug day in front of TV or something equally non demanding physically. That really was one of these days of lazyness that was exhausting in all its...well...uh...laziness...

Ah!!! Little did we knew fate had something else in store! Once we reached the place, an amazing number of people that gathered at said friend's place more or less greeted us with a : "Are you up for a night treck?"
The idea sounded tons of fun enough...and actually ended up being such, so I said yes to it immediately, on the spot, without thinking. Forgotten was the fact that I was belly full and bitten to the bone by laziness that day. It was around 10 pm already and going out of this city for a day night sounded damn good to me. Who cares about a tummy full of sashimi anyway?
There was one little problem though...I needed to change clothes. You don't go trekking in sandals and cute little Salwaar Suit. We ended up driving back home where I grabbed my pair of jeans and sneakers, stuffed my back pack, and ran upstair to take one of our friend's pair of sneaker (she was part of the expedition but was wearing flip-flops...no better than sandals).We drove back downtown again to the trekker's headquarter and we hopped into two cars, direction the middle of nowhere.

After a coffe break and two hours spent in a car later, we reached there : Nandi Hills. A bump on a flat plateau region. We began or ascension immediately...by the road...after a while, we took the path that is periodically crossing the road, armed with a torch light (that is flashlight for you guys in the States), fighting the bushes. At about 200 meters from the top, the torch light died and of course noone thought of bringing extra batteries. But, thanks to the advent of technology, we found out that 6 mobile phones could lit the way well enough. Enough that we could at least see where our feet where going. I still smile when I think about us waving cell phone in the pitch dark of Nandi Hills. Once the top  was reached, we caugh our breath for a few minutes and proceeded to go down again... by the road this time...having no torch light being the prime concern not to take the bush path.

Nandi Hill is a magical place if you ask me. First, it's almost entirely covered with Eucalyptus, and the fresh air of the night combined with the smell of those is simply divine. Then, it is a place you can see stars from. Bangalore is too brightly lit and I got used to a starless sky over time. I enjoyed the view and spent more time starring at the sky than actually looking at the road. The amazing thing was that I didn't crash in the process. I even saw 3 shooting stars, and mad 3 wishes that I wont tell you about.

We reached the car back by 4 am, a bit sleepy, but happy we decided to go, and reached Bangalore at around 6:30. I headed straight to bed to catch a few ZZZZZZ and my legs reminded me I walked 5 miles in the hills for a few day...but was really great!


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