Itsy Bitsy Spider.......NOT

11:11 PM

I have a confession, I'm Arachnophobe...not that it was a secret anyway.

Actually, I felt quite pround over the past year because I now don't mind small piders in the house, especially the kind who loves my ceilings and focus on making mess in corners.
But, today, I woke up finding a big one in my bedroom curled up in one corner of the ceiling, it's body as big as my thumbnail, and its legs looking like tooth picks (both in size and diameter). I more or less tolerated the intruder, trying to gas it with my deodorant first, and then with mosquito coils...none prevailed, Spidey hanged to that corner.
So the smart me thought that it was probably a nocturnal spider (gasping at my own deduction). I called DBF (who was out of town) about it, his logical solution : "Kill it". Haha I thought of that but apprently chocking it to death with perfume is not an approved method. DBF suggested the newspaper technique. I told him that this spider sounded mean and poisonous and that even with a 10 ft pole I wouldn't touch it. DBF got angry and told me to live with it then...which I did most of the day.

At night I decided to check wether my nocturnal spider hypothesis could be true....It was!!!! Spidey was not in its corner anymore! While reaching for the switch to inspect my bedroom I saw a huge thingy crawling in the wall...

Arghhhh!!!! Enough for me to back off and completely panicky, call DBF again...as if calling him would make the spider go away now really!
Him sticking to "Kill it with a newspaper", me persisting this spider is dangerous and jumpy, him telling me to stop this, me confessing : " Tweet I forgot to tell you I'm arachnophobe", him laughing, me laughing nervously, us hanging up.

But then spidey is still in the bedroom somewhere behind the door. I needed to get it out really, and I was all alone in the flat; suddenly knowing why I never watch Fear Factor in the first place. I started to logically  throw things at the door in question (damn logic); starting with pens, and matchboxes...not working. Moved on to banging a towel against the door. That would do it right? And, it did! Spidey didn't like it one bit and took posession of the living room...at 9.45 pm !
What do do now??? I called DBF again to tell him I'm living outside.He started laughing and told me to be a big girl and deal with it before hanging up.
All I could do was glance at the beast and wonder what to do about it. Obviously killing it myself was NOT an option. I would have dropped dead first of an heart attack or somthing like it before the bug was out.
I remembered my old days in Switzerland....all I needed is a courageous neighbour! And there are some living on the ground floor!
Here I go (thanking god I was actually dressed properly and not in PJ) down the stairs shivering like an autumn leaf about to fall of a tree to the ground floor. Embarassed or maybe just shit scared I asked him if he could come upstair and kill a spider for me, telling him I'm arachnophobe.
He came up with a plastic bag...hmmm a new method maybe? But, when he saw the size of the monster in question he decided a broom would be better, so he left me on my roof top, eyeing Spidey suspiciously and from a safe distance...let's say 30 ft or so. My nice neighbour came back with his broom and started to gently shoo the spider away so he could trap it in the plastic bag...telling me he that he want to avoid killing him...hmmm this guy is a nature lover and full of compassion for a spider who terrorized the silly girl I am when it comes to bug...fair enough.
The problem is that Spidey looooved my living room and refused to go into the bag and started crawling at highspeed into my living room. Nice Neighbour tried to push her into the bag with his hand...bad idea...it was a bitting one (I knew it)!  The bite was apparently not that bad but it took him several minutes to safely trap Spidey in the bag and bring it downstairs.
I must have thanked him a zillion time, explaining that I usually don't make such a fuss about spiders but  that this one was pretty big. He doesn't seem to puzzled to be called at 10 pm for spider a removal operation, and re-assured me it was ok, the spider was indeed big.

Now there is only one problem...I'm still shivering and not sure about the safety of my room anymore...what if the spider, which is still alive and probably free in the wild again decide to climb back to my flat? I have no idea about big spiders' behaviour, so I just hope this thing is not territorial and crawls back in while I'm sleeping...I would love to stop thinking about it.

Only thing was sure...I was right, it was a bitting Spider and I was happy to report it to DBF who claimed there was no such thing as bitting spiders around here, he was also quite amazed to hear tht I actually had enough guts to ask the neighbour to remove it, I told him I was despairate, in those moments you just swallow back your pride.


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