Holy Cow

10:44 PM

It was about time I wrote about them. Because, seriously, if there is one animal you can associate with India, it's cows.
They are everywhere. They invade the streets and slow down traffic. Actually, thinking of it, they are the only creatures who can cross the road safely at anytime, traffic will stop instantly for them. 

Cows are considered to be holy by some Hindus (though DBF says it not quite accurate). I read in a tourist guide that it's because their milk saved the country from a famine centuries ago, and that at that time a live cow was worth more than a one cut into pieces in a stew, for she would supply milk everyday for a lifetime rather than just a few meals. There must be another reason as well though, but I'm really not sure about that.

What I'm sure of, is that they have a lot of rights. Though the one to nibble the fruits and veg vendors' goods on his display cart is not one of them. And unlike what they taught us in school as a kid in Switzerland, that they wont go inside your house either...they may be holy  but they are not stupid (questionnable though, considering they are quite suicidal going about on the streets).
They have a really laid back attitude and be sure that you understand that they don't invade your space, you invade theirs. Honking in your car to make them move from the middle of the road is recommended but rarely efficient. At the most they will look at you with eyes that say "What are you doing on my road you!"
There are even some cows that I suspect took pleasure in disturbing busy roads at peak hours. I witnessed  two of them that would go almost daily in a busy intersection (where 5 roads meet) to roam around casually in the middle of it, completely indifferent to the chaos of cars, truck, buses and rickshaws honking their horn around them.

In Delhi, they would invade the road in herds nibbling on the grass growing on some of the road dividers, wandering between cars and generally having a wonderful time seeing cars brake franctically at their sight. Napping in the middle of the road seems to be another enjoyable occupation for them.

 All while their sisters in Switzerland get scared by any harsh movement or person coming toward them! Here, they have a completely Zen approach to disturbances, probably because they know they wont be turned into T-Bone steaks or a hamburger around here.

My sister has even been able to get a snap of herself among them without causing a bovine riot :


  1. Navya1:12 PM

    Cows have non-zen like behavioral patterns in Switzerland? Hmm.. I cannot imagine that at all :) Bovine riots are so unheard of, you should write a post to educate Indians about that!

    Here you could even kick the cow, and it would look at you with a calm expression of
     "oh did you do that to me just now? Okay, no problem ! "

  2. I guess the Swiss cows are so used to have big acres of pasture that are fenced for their own safety that when they see a two leg marching toward them they feel a bit edgy, that is not common thing for them.
    Their Indian peer just seem totally unbothered by things such as noise and traffic, and yup people trying to persuade them to move a little so they can pass.
    I still remember when I was working in a call center I had a colleague living in Majestic, and one day the driver of our Qualis was stuck in an already narrow road because tehre was a cow that refused to budge, he kept patting her on the butt to see if she would move but it tookk that cow a solid 10 minutes to deign step asside, all that time she was looking at our driver like saying "What are you doing exactly?" LOL


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