10:50 AM

Now you didn't expect that one that fast did you?

I actually though my bindi experience would stand out better in a new post rather than lost in "Elegance lesson"

Because this was the next step, and I was actually feeling it come my way. DBF was the first one to urge me to wear one.

But first what is a bindi? It is that "dot" Indian women stick between their eyebrows, I always found them beautiful but was reluctant wearing one because I was afraid to look wierd...and, I still feel unconfortable in some situations.

It came last friday when I was showing a friend my favourite shopping area in Bangalore, and we ended up in one of those women accessories shop, which sells cheap fancy jewelry, bangles, cosmetics...and bindis.
My plan was to add to my bangle collection, and buy a few fancy earrings as well. But after buying a set of metallic glitery bangles, I asked the salesperson about glass bangles. He told me it was on the top floor (this shop has an entire floor for metallic bangles and other fancy jewelry but glass bangles wouldn't fit there). We went to that top floor in question, and I discovered that appart from a tiny portion dedicated to glass bangles, this level was entirely devoted to bindi! In all shapes and colors (yes it's more than just a dot) to suits all pockets and occasions. Anyway, I focused on the glass bangles I came to see, and once my purchase done, my friend said "You should wear bindi you know". I looked at her saying "Really?" and she replied "Sure, it would look great on you" I told her I was too afraid to look wierd and she looked at me and said: "How can you look wierd? You look Indian anyway, especially with you wearing salwaar suits and bangles, a bindi is what is missing." She helped me select a small not to showy design, her choice was a set in various colours. I told her I would start with simple balck and red ones as "training bindi" as I put it. We started laughing and after purchasing the "training bindi" we went out.

Now DBF wont have me without them, he keeps saying I look way to good with them. And now I almost wear them everyday, or at least when I go out with him. 


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