Fairness dream

3:21 PM

There is one thing that didn't take me long to notice in India. And it's the national women obcession for fair skin.

Only a couple of weeks after my arrival, I faced the fact it's horribly difficult to find a face cream that is not a fairness cream. Every woman seem to be told they need and want a pastel pink skin and many are ready to pay the price for it. Ranking from budget fairness cream, to professional withening and bleeching treatment costing from a few buck to a few thousands.
Ads promise incredible results and with the help of heavilly edited pictures show how a chocolate skinned girl can reach the lovely pastel pink shade of a caucasian in just one month. ManyTV ads actually have elaborate stories  showing that fair skin will guarantee professional success to women: A dusky beautiful girl dreams of landing a cricket commentator job, but for obvious skin problem fails...then pops Fair and Lovely (yes that's the name of one of the brands) and she suddenly get the dream job. 

Some fairness brands even have more elaborate care routine, you can start by using their fairness soap in the shower, then slatter on fairness lotion, follow by a fairness toner, then dab fairness cream for the day, wash your face with fairness face wash and fairness makeup remover, and fianlly slatter another good layer of fairness night cream. I leave you free to believe in it's efficiency or not.

The irnonic part is that I've been "attaked" by a brand promoter in a supermarket, she wanted me to buy the new fairness revolutionary care on the market. I looked at her and asked her: "Do I not look fair enough?" She immediately replied I needed to use those products to maintain the lovely shade. I didn't point out to her that my face and arms are at least 3 shades darker than my milky white legs due to the fact I don't use sun screen lotion unless I go tot he beach. Instead, I politely said thanks but no thanks. I simply refuse to pay one paisa (cent) into an industry that sell false promises and tell women they cant be beautiful as they are (ad that applied back home with self tanning cream too)
As one of my friend told me that those companies sell dreams in tubes. In the same way their western conterpart sell it under the form of tanning lotions.

The idea that you have to be fair to be beautiful annoys me a lot and sometimes want to tell those girls it's not all bed of roses to be fair. You burn faster in the sun, red marks are highly visible no matter what and fair doesn't mean you are healthy. And, it certainly won't guarantee you the dream career job of a life time. Actually as things are in India, fair skin will more surely land you a Husband. Those matrimonial adds (95% of marriages in India a arranged by the parents) are full of classifieds mentionning "Fair and slim bride wanted". No one really put the intelligence of their daughter forward or the good money she may earn either. When promoting their daughter's worth, she is most of the time tall, beautiful fair and slim, and accessorily may have an engineering degree as an asside, but will be willing to stay home. Guys can be yellowish, brownish with zits no one would know from those adds, a guy have to be successful in his career, and added bonus have a green card or work somewhere abroad.
That was until recently, because a few weeks ago I saw a giant billboard advertising for a new product : "Fair and Handsome". Yup! The same thing as Fair and Lovely, packaged in a very masculine black and silver tube and probably  with a more masculine perfume as well. Because lets face it, guys get as much pressure from the medias as girls do, and nowaday a bride to be is more picky in the choice of suitor as well. Soon, I think classified in the paper will feature Handsome tall successful man seeking fair and slim bride instead.

For my part, the only time I actually tryied that stuff was when the lady at the supermarket gave me a sample that was coming free with my regular handsoap, she would have none of it when I told her not to bother looking around for one. Opened the tiny tube once, extracted a sticky papaya smelling gel. Gel that left my skin a bit sticky and plastic looking. The rest of the tube went in the trash can two minutes later.


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