Doctor!! Doctor!

12:25 PM

One thing I'm apprehensive about here in India, is going to the doctor. And, it's not because I have a fear of the medical care quality, there are exellent clinics around. My fear is about misunderstanding what they say to me. A fear I most probably share with a lot of expats living in a place where your native language is not spoken.

My native language being French, I guess the fear would be the same if I were living in UK or US but hey, I'm living in India, so there it is.
I managed to go through 2 gynecologic check ups without problems, as well as a couple of visits to a general physician for common infections such as colds. Each time with the same fear, and each time unjustified because they were nice enough not to use complicated terms.

Yesterday I had to go to a physician again. And, again I was full of fear, but this time it was a bit different...let me begin at the begining.

On wednesday, I started having that sore throat. Nothing serious, I just popped a pain killer before bedtime and slept on it. The next morning, I was cranky and feeling slightly feverish, so DBF ordered me to take rest. I popped another painkiller, and went about doing my regular morning routine minus having breakfast because I couldn't swallow. I started realising it was getting a bit hard for me to stay focused on my emails. So, went taking my temperature. 
Just a slight fever as I suspected. I went to bed and can't explain how but fell asleep. When I woke up god knows many hours later my fever had increased and I was feeling really cold. So, I took a hot shower.
That was the time dbf chose to call me and check on my health. He scolded me for taking a shower and I ignored him (people in India claim taking a shower when sick makes you sicker) the shower was such a bliss. 

I went back to bed immediately afterward, trying to read for a while but faced the fact I couldn't even focus on a magazine cover. I was in that drowsy state between sleep and wakeness. Not really having any grasp on what was happening between the hot flashes and the sudden shivering, I took my temperature again. It was a bit higher this time, so told dbf my fever was increasing. The 3rd time I took my temp it was what I estimated to be 101 degrees (my thermometer is in Celcius). 
I fell asleep again, when dbf came back from work I fell in his arms and he let out a scream at how boiling hot I became. 

He took me to the clinic we usually go to immediately. It took me a great deal of time to get dressed, ages to get down the stairs and climb on the bike clutching dbf and struggling to remain focused on the road. When I reached the clinic dbf had to explain the thing to the receptionist because I was speechless. I asked him to come in with my into the doctor's office, for I was sure I would not be able to follow what he was saying.

It turned out that my fever went down a little (most probably because the fresh ride on the bike) and that I had a major upper throat infection. After that he went on talking about a bland food diet, not too hot or too cold drinks and a couple of tablets to take. At that point, I was looking blanky at him nodding to everything he was saying. As every good indian doctors, he repeated the thing 3 times and wrote everything clearly on the prescription. Realising that I forgot my purse in the waiting room dbf went to fetch it and wouldn't let me handle the prescription in fear I may forget it somewhere as well. I followed him down to the pharmacy moving at the speed of oozing mud and asked him if he got what the doctor said for I could only remember half of it. 
He made sure I followed all his instruction to the letter and this morning scolded me for wanting to eat curd, which was a cold thing which the doctor forbid (Indians have that thing about cold stuff being bad for sore throat, in the West they ask you to eat ice cream when it gets bad). 

Anyway I think  that in another 24 hours I will be back to health. I just realised it requires a high fever for me not to get what the doctor was saying. I should remember this the next time I feel apprehensive about a check up...


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