Happy Diwali

1:09 AM

Yes it's that time of the year again! Shops are loaded with special discounts, freebies, sweets and Diyas. Firecrackers are starting to burst through the night, and in just another day and it willl be the real war time, the festive season is launched!
DBF went home to celebrate regretting not to be with me, and I have plans to celebrate with friends here.

I started to clean the house this morning, and with my maid being on holidays I have to do what she normally does in addition to the heavy duty cleaning I do about once every 6 month. Sweeping the floor went quickly, and what wouldn't go into the dust container was swept under the fridge, clearly Lakshmi won't look under the fridge right? Then, cursing the fact I should have told dfb to do it before leaving, I then start removing the resident spiders around the house, braving my arachnophobia and deciding that the bigger ones are auspicious while killing the small ones (and praying I wont come face to face with the monser I saw last August (see blog entry on this topic).
I bought a wonder broom mop to mop around dancing on "Horray Horray" by Boney M and then decided DBF's Blanket needed to taste some water. It probably never saw a drop of H20 in it's life and the thing  really started to disgust me. I was right about the degree of dirtiness, because after 3 washes the blanket still expeled dirt particle and turned the water to a black juice...And I was Sleeping next to that???? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also will provide food and sweet for our little party, while Diwali is on 1st November one of my freinds claimed it was one day earlier in South India. While they resolved a holiday conflict between them I started getting ready for an imminent party. I found a Sweet recipe: Besan laddu and decided to try it out. The end result wasn't too bad, the balls ended up being a bit too sticky, but the taste was right on.I did ask my friends to bring professionally made sweets as back up too though.

I love that festival, and I really wished dbf would be there to share the fun with all our friends. I have a feeling he is going to miss something great. And, he took my digital camera so I wont have pictures to share when I come back.


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