My Bangles

1:06 PM

Ok, this is not an original topic, but the rain is going a bit on my nerves. Plus I've been talking about girlie stuff a lot in my previous entries. So, I am showing you my bangles collection today. I love wristwear...and appart from what you see in the boxes I still have a couple of  western style bracelets.
Now Imagine a shop about the size of a regular sized living room completely dedicated to these trinkets where I can induldge to my heart's content...

They are always sold by set, generally 24 (12 for each wrist), plain and glass bangles are priced per dozen. You can bring an outfit to the store and ask them to make you a set that will match if none exist already. I still need to buy new colors, because I like coordination, and variety to suits my mood...recently I realised I have a lot of outfit in orange hues, so I will need an orange ste of bangles as well. And, that will be the end of a very uninspired post. 


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