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Pizza Hut

9:20 PM

Disclaimer : This is a PMS rant written while still hot!

DBF was out with friends I was left home with an empty fridge and decided to order a pizza. How convenient, I live in central Bangalore and have three Pizza Hut outlet near my place.

So, I dialed the nearest one, gave all my vital stats : name, phone number and address... and that is where the itch was. I live 4km away from their outlet and apparently it is already too far. 
I asked them what was the delivery radius. and got the answer of 1.5 km. What? Are they kidding me? I cover that distance by foot in far less than 30 minutes! I saw them deliver on scooters, clearly they have the ability to cover much more ground faster on these!
I argued with them, told them that the distance between their place and mine was barely 15 minutes bike ride. They started arguing about traffic problems.I told them that this was total non sense and not a valid excuse at all. I always take the road at peak hour and still reach home in 15 minute on a bike. 

The guy asked for the manager, who tried to speak sense into me, telling me that delivering to my place would mean it would take over an hour and the pizza would be mushy. Outraged, I asked him how he reach an over one hour time delivery estimation. The guy goes into explaining me the route to my place...
Ah ha! Exactly what I feared, those smart boys simply don't know the most direct route and would take my pizza on a central Bangalore touristic tour instead. I complained some more and informed them  about what the direct route was...the guy retorted: "Yes I know the way Ma'am, but there is heavy traffic" I again told him that 15 minutes is the time I usually take on a 2 wheeler to reach home in heavy traffic. He stood by his gun and kept saying that it is impossible in less than one hour and went on to explain that cooking takes time and then delivery....Bla Bla Bla...

At this point I felt like I was trying to have a conversation with a deaf person. Finally explained that I was not a picky person who will make a scandal if the pizza is not delivered sharp on time. I know they are still good after spending 30 minutes in the box, and cooking time should not be included in delivery. He repeated over and over that it would not be possible and said that he is "Veeeeery Sooorrrry" but no they can't. He then added the final insult by saying : "Are you ok?" 
I snapped at him! Of course I was NOT ok and definitely not satisfied with their service, their stupid policy and their obviously made up excuse (Never argue with a woman having her period....NEVER)
He again said that he could not change the policy and that I'll have to go to the piza hut restaurant and order a take away. Yeah right! I have time and extra money to spare! I told him it was even more ridiculous than his lame excuse of heavy traffic.  Because yeah, if I come to order and take away my pizza, it wont be mushy Noooooooo!!!! Again, he goes on saying that he was "veerrrrry sooorry" and asked again if I was ok (clearly the guy must be deaf).

I told him that no, I was NOT ok, and most disapointed in the quality of the service and probably will never come again (half true but it was an act of despair). I added that they should stop sending menu in the mail if they don't deliver in my area, and added that in other cities in India the radius is 5 km and said goodbye.

No pizza, me angry and upset, and only left the solution of going to the grocery store down the street and buy maggi instant noodles and cheese...I'm less looking forward to eat that while my bf is having a blast with yummy food. He better make up with it by taking me to some nice place tomorrow! And off to the Pizza hut website I go to write a big fat complain about the outlet in question.


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