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I hate being right

9:30 PM

That is regarding my previous entry, if you were wondering. The plumber did indeed show up on Saturday once dbf was back. And only because dbf went looking for him and practicaly hunt him down. In three days the kitchen had time to smell like sewage and it cost us a new plastic pipe (and that's when we like the fact plumbing is cheap).

However, I should neve EVER  have talked about gas cylinder, and other things, because as soon as the pipe was fixed, we stopped having running water simply because there has been a delay in the bill paying somewhere...god know where. Two days without a drop of water inside the house is though. Blessed us be, we had a tap depending on the secondary tank outside on the washing stone and we spend two days carrying buckets in an out of the flat.
DBF needed a shower on Monday so we boiled water and he washed the typical indian way : With a bucket and a plastic mug to pour water all over.
That day my maid didn't come back depiste her claiming she would, so I bypassed shower time and went outside to wash the dishes and then spend a ridiculous amount of time sweeping and mopping around, to fianlly realise it was time to cook lunch for dbf do come back to have it with me. And it was time to wash the dishes....Again...outside AGAIN!
Monday passed and we seriously started thinking nothing else could go worse, we even had the promise water would be back on Tuesday. DBF is very optimistic about that one while I on the other hand reminded him that we live in India. Therefore I will start cheering only once the water comes out of the tap again.

Tuesday came, no water still. Nothing but a promise it will resume at 2 pm (I love when they actually give a precise time!), dbf needed shower and we proceeded to heat water on the stove to do the same thing as yesterday.
And just because when it rins it pours, the cooking gas cylinder went empty while in the process of heating water for shower! At this point I blew up a fuse. DBF still optimistic, told me not to worry, that he will call HP Gas and we will have a refill quickly. I reminded him that five month ago we had to wait for 5 days before getting a refill. And when the lady on the phone says it will take 2 days I was too far gone. 
I'm dirty, there is no water, I keep washing dishes all day, and it's not even 10 in the morning! I had no breakfast, no tea (very important in the morning...for some it's coffee...for me it's tea) and there is no way I will even eat something today because there is nothing left in the fridge that doesn't need to be cooked.
DBF called a friend who was not using his cylinder, and just before he went to fetch it I ask him if regulators are standard sizes here or if he needs to borrow his friend's regulator as well. He assured me there was nothing to worry about, because it is most probably standard sized (uhuh! right!). He came back 30 minutes later with the cylinder and...ta da!!!!!!! Our regulator doesn't fit on this cylinder....standard size my foot!

DBF left me breathing fire to head to work. I rumble and live on junk food the whole day because obviously I wont be able to cook. In the evening our friend brings his regulator and we finally can cook something. The water did indeed come back at 2pm so I could have shower. The cooking gas came on Thursday and I was actually surprised to see HP Gas keep their promise...for once. 

Maybe DBF needs a crash course on household management in India. Then will then become less optimistic and my sarcstic nature will rub on him a little.


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