Nail Art

2:10 PM

I needed to indulge myself in a girlie thing today. In fact, my feet and hand looked really ugly and it's been over 2 months since my last pedicure manicure so I booked myself an appointment.

What I didn't know, is that now my salon propose a new service : Nail Art. So when my manicurist asked me if I wanted some I was like : "Hey why not".
My other surprise today was that I was taken care of by two ladies, one for the feet and one for the hands. And in the end my pedicurist said she also could do nail art on my feet...WOW the big toe ok but how can they work on tiny tinsy nails...I was really curious.

The girls went crazy, since I love every colors I let them chose a polish, they found that lovely turquoise thing and started painting my nails, then they selected the pattern to put on them, something silver and very quickly a third lady came to help them, and while they applied the paterns and the glitter the whole salon came to have a look and comment on how cute it was. 

So now I need to share this with you too because it's really cute, and while the pattern on the feet will last long I'm sure the work on my hand will get spoiled fast enough..or it will give me a good excuse not to lift a finger...which will be hard as DBF is away in Delhi again.


  1. limoncello2:28 PM

    hey, cyn. it's so girlie - i LOOOOOOOOOVE it!!! so cute!!!


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