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I still have no idea about the wedding date, but I'm getting prepared. I spent the past few days doing price surveys online. For my Lehenga, for jewellery...It's the only thing I can actually plan solo when dbf is out of town.
Today, I decided to have a look at those bridal magazines, bought the one that looked the most realistic, budget wise.
And my! There is one thing I do not get : "What is this obssession with jewellery people?" I keep seeing necklaces worn maybe only once in a life time, costing a couple 1000$ And the only thing I can think of is : Scarry!

Yes, scarry to even dare wearing a 5000$ necklaces without a couple bodyguards around you. And, if it was the only thing: add a 1000 earings, a 500$ tikka, a couple of costly bangles, and anklets, and nose rings, and hair clips, and rings...I would be scared to end up kidnapped for my gold on my wedding day!

This was and still is my number one condition : "I'm not a christmas tree and I do not want to look like one on my wedding".
Reading those magazines, I however feel like I must come from a different planet. You can show me the most expensive diamond necklace, I won't even dream of getting it. Jewellery do not turn me on that much. A few simple yet tasty pieces works way better for me. In fact, I found a shop selling costume jewellery that are gold plated, have fake and semi-precious stone and still look just like the real thing. Without costing a bomb, and even then I will choose one tastesull bridal piece and that is about it.

Don't even think I don't have any weakness though. Because I do have one. I'm more turned on by a stunning silk fabric or Sari than I would by the entire Crown Jewels of England collection. Which is probaly why my dress will probably cost a little more than what origianlly expected, even if it's a once in a lifetime wear.
I'm thinking quite logically that I wont find anything decent under 7000 Rupees (around 155$) So why not set the budget between 10 000 (220$) and 15 000 (330$) and get something tasteful enough so that I can wear less jewellery and still look stunning?

My other shock of the day was that those magazines make you feel very bad if you don't have your dress ordered at least 6 months in advance. It has me  bit worried and hopefully the wedding will be in less than 4 month. I was thinking 3 month is plenty of time...was I too optimistic or what?
Now just to be on the safer side I will go shopping around and enquire about prices tomorrow, and hope dbf can stay in Bangalore for a while so we can talk about those stuff...I'm getting really tensed now.


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