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Yessssss I have my Lehenga Choli!!!!

I went shopping last week and I was really not expecting to find it that day. I was just planning on looking around and get an idea, but then I saw IT, and IT was THE one for me. Orange and lilac with lots or gold embroideries :

I also discovered a new experience : shopping in exclusive silk shops. Like in very small coton shops, they empty shelves at your request, and take time to show you their stuff. I was not a picky customer but had a clear idea about what I wanted. 

My lehenga should not be to heavily embroided because me being a foreigner getting married in a hindu ceremony is already enough of a statment; but it should not be too plain because I don't want to spend a bomb on matching jewellery. I also wanted to do away with the oh so traditionnal and way to common red and gold outfit. The lady agreed with that and showed me greens, pinks, purple, maroon (never got the difference between red and maroon), mauve, apple green, oranges...and when we went through about everything she procedded to wrap me in some of those fabrics so I could get a feel of what the thing would look like once stitched. 
Because yes this is another thing you need to know about bridal shopping in India. Lehengas are bought unstiched and then the tailor works on it so it fits you and you only. So when you buy a dress you are technically just buying square of fabrics that will become it once a tailor got to it.
That orange and lilac one won me over immediately and while I was pondering a little still I noticed it was starting to interest another familly who just came in and made an enquiry about it. 
It being a unique piece, I decided for it, paid a deposit so no one could buy it until I made my fianl choice. I still wanted to talk with DBF first and make him see it before buying it, I don't want to wear something if he tells me he hates it with passion...I don't want him to hate our wedding pics until his dying day.

Luckily he was to come home on the weekend so I dragged him to the shop, and asked for his approval. He was infact speechless for a while until the lady wrapped the fabric around me again, and the smile and light in his eyes was priceless. He liked it very much, and so I bought it.
I still need to bring it to the tailor, and turn it into a real dress. I still have time for that though, and I realised now that it is probably the priciest outfit I ever bought in my life.


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