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Happy New Year!!!!

9:23 PM


I celebrated very simply, first we went to brigade road which is the center of activity at night in Banglore and had a beer in a pub. Then we ordered some sandwiches and snacks to go from a nearby coffee shop and headed back  to our place with our friends to have more beer and a mini party on our terrace. 
We had a good time, despite the temperature dropping fast. At around 11 pm I was wearing a thick sweater and a poncho, donned my granny slippers and was still freezing. A thing that is pretty laughable considering I grew up in Switzerland. nearly one year in Bangalore and 15 degrees celsius suddenly becomes cold. Temperatures are indeed all relative.

At the stroke of midnight while kissing DBF and watching the fireworks I realised that some very important things will happen in my life in 2006.
I should have mentionned it previously on this blog : I'm getting married this year...more details to follow.
It's going to be a hindu wedding, and hopefully it should take place in April. Which means in the next few months I'll be busy briefing my familly on Hindu customs and ceremonies, finding a Lehenga Choli (bridal outfit) for the wedding, motivating dbf to go shopping, and meet his parents (which I haven't even met yet despite the fact we tried to arrange a meeting since June 2005).


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