The whole six yard

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And it's all about...the Saree!

After spending two years in India, I finally bought one; and more or less learned how to drape it. It's all part of my wedding outfits things. How many ceremonies there will be is still not sure, but there will be at least an engagment ceremony.  On this occasion I plan to wear a nice silk saree, which I bought last week (I will post pictures soon promise).

The part of the wrapping I was fearing to screw up was the pleating on the second wrap around the waist. Guess what? The pleating is actually the easy part, it just require little practice, but what a breeze.
The hard part? Well for me it's gathering everything over the left shoulder in the end.There are plenty of tutorial, just search for "How to wear a saree" nd it will point you in the right direction.

First I unpacked the shopping bag, slipped into the petticoat (you need to wear one under a saree, it's a must), put on my now tailored Choli (fitted short blouse) and proceed to unfold the neatly packed 6 yard fabric. I started tucking it into the petticoat as instructed by the shop, and by numerous websites. A fluffy pile of silk at my side that I have to move around as I proceed. Then the pleating at the waist that went surprisingly very easily. Then, I struggled in trying to manage the left over 1.5 yard and throw it over the shoulder suddenly realising that :

1) The hem is too long and walking would result in me steping over it and undress myself...very embarassing in public...

2) The left over fabric called "Pallu" is actually quite short, which means I started tucking too far on the right of my bellybutton.

3) That no matter how hard I try, the front of the "pallu" part doesn't look elegant, folding it right is really really hard.

So I unwrapped myself and back to square one  I went. With the big pile of fabric on the floor. This time I started tucking the fabric a bit more centrally on my body, and raised the hem higher so I wouldn't step on it. I pleated it the right way but with smaller pleats because my finger were a bit numb (I'm feverish from a bad cold). Then wrapped around one more time and...again trouble with the pallu! 
I tried to pleat it elegantly, to finally realise the best option is to gather everythin and throw it back. I ended up having somehing that looks okay-ish, but the "pallu" was too long and trailed behind me on the ground! 
So technically now I need to find a right middle between the right hip and the belly button and I should be ok. I gave up trying a third time today as my legs were killing me from too much shopping and a slight fever from my cold. I will try again another day.

The lady at the shop said practice makes it perfect, and some websites said : make safety pins your new best friend. With all this I should be an expert by the time my wedding comes. If not I will ask my friend to show me next time I see her, I'm sure I'm missing something.

The fun part is that while wrapping it I was thinking of my mom who told me wearing a saree was a dream of her. In fact, she wants to wear one at my wedding, which is fine with me but I may call room service to ask for help at the time of getting dressed.


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