It's a Date!

7:00 PM

OMG OMG first of all I'm really sorry for not giving any updates. Thanks to my regular readers for reminding me I actually have a blog going on.

This past month has been crazy: a maid not showing up for the past 3 weeks, DBF being away all the time, and the wedding...

Now let's go back on the wedding shall we? As the title says, there is finally a date set. It was hard but we got it and it's final.

As a recap, the wedding was initially to be in March. Then, it got pushed to April so my sister could have holidays and attend. But then DBF's familly had a calendar conflict with one son moving in February, a daughter in law having exams in April,  and his father not feeling well. Needless to say his mom had her hand and plate pretty full.
October was then suggested, but my sis has no holiday at that time. December was another option, but a costly one, no one in my familly would pay 3 times the regular price of a plane ticket to attend a wedding around Christmas and New Year.

Wise me, I suggested July. Thinking we might still be spared by the monsoon, and that my sister would be on holiday since she works in a Day Care/preschool center.
DBF's mom liked that idea, and asked my date of birth and place so she could consult an astrologer.

You may wonder, "Why an astrologer"? Simple, very simple, in India you just don't pick any date for your wedding, it has to be an asupicious date compatible and determined by the star charts of both the bride and groom. Auspicious dates apparently guarantee a happy marriage. Believe what you want...
Neither  dbf nor I are really into all this. But his mom is supersticious, so we had to wait on the star specialist to get the list of good dates in July.

It turned out there aren't too many, which in a way makes thing easier. Apparently, only the 5th, 6th, 7th are auspicious for us to get hitched. At first we thought the 13th would be too, but it's not. Now regular school ends on June 30th so those days make the trip timing very tight, especially for my mom's best friend and her kids. And just two days ago I learned my sister doesn't have holidays until the 15th. She never told me so and she should have, so in a way, that is her problem.

Because now the date is set to July 6th.

Why 6th and not 7th are you going to say? July 7th was my parents wedding date, and they got divorced, as auspicious as it is for me and dbf I don't want to share this with my parents, I already share their genes..enough is enough. 


  1. Anonymous1:35 AM

    YAAAY! i'm happy for you, girl! so glad that there's an actual date for you to really set your wedding day. gosh! it must've been hard to just be planning without the date.

    by the way, the colors of your dress is DIVINE! as mentioned before... we would like to see lots of pics on your big, happy day!

    hugs, limoncello :)


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