Death By Chocolate

12:13 PM

I swear I could easily die that way!

DBF was sent to Switzerland about a month and a half ago, and came back 3 weeks ago. tThe luck was that it was in Geneva, my home town, so my familly spoiled him silly, and he came back with lots of goodies...including chocolate and cheese.

Those of you who didn't grow on a steady diet of Swiss chocolate can't know in what kind of bliss I find myself those days.
In fact, getting off the habit of eating chocolate and cheese everyday was hard when I first arrived in India. But, I had to get over it pretty fast. Because let's face it, Indian chocolate is really not that good. The first time I put some in my mouth I was wondering how I came to put that stuff there in the first place. A year after my arrival "Toblerone" was starting to be widely distributed but goodness come at a price, let's say it's not the thing you would splurge on everyday.
Cheese was another story, I can't live without cheese, and I don't want to hear full fat cheese is bad for the waistline. I started putting on weight soon after the thing was withdrawn from my diet if that tells you something!

In Switzerland, for about 23 years of my life, dinner meant a cheese platter and some bread. I could easily eat 300 grams of cheese a day then. Suddenly I found myself in a country where the only thing you can find is that awful plastic looking rubbery cheddar flavoured thing, in slices, or in blocks. Despaired, I resigned to the plastic cheese and still eat it today...only it has to be in Sandwich made in the sandwich maker. Eating the thing unmelted and cold is plain old vile.

Last year my mom must have brought about 4-5 kg of Chocolate that disappeared in 2 months flat, as both DBF and I splurged on the brown nectar and shared it liberally with our friends. This time It's about 2 kg that came in the suitcase, with a little cheese as well. Including a mix to make Fondue. That one, I'm waiting to have friends over to enjoy. Nearly 3 years without a good yummy creamy fondue, this is though on me!

But if DBF shares my love for chocolate, I can't say he is crazy about Swiss cheese. I didn't expect him to though, because the smell of it is very hard on Indians. it's a known fact and very few Indians I know liked the taste of it.
But while experiencing the Swiss way of life in the middle of winter he got courageous enough to actually try it. My mom made one for him, and he said it was ok. Later he asked me how I can eat and like such smelly dish (I'll give him that, fondue does smell). I forgot to tell him that clothes are good for laundry after eating one, the stench last for days on them...he noticed that by himself.
He however managed to win the heart of my familly by liking good food and never refusing a drink. He loved our good Swiss wines, red, white and pink alike, tasted a cherry liquor with call kirch and loved it so much he brought back a bottle (now the miracle is how he passed the custom with all this plus other gifts and trinkets.)

Since his return I'm stuffed with chocolate. Happily forgeting I'm getting married this Summer because my Lehenga is not stitched yet. But just maybe, I should go easy on it or I'll look like a fat cow clad in silk this July. The worse is that I still choose the chocolate over being slim and fit...we only live once...


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