My Sari Picture

12:39 PM

Ok, I promised I would post a pic of me wearing my Sari a long time ago, and this picture has been on my computer long enough as well.

I hope to have a better one to share in the future though. Because, first the light is very very very bad in this picture. Blame it on the fact Indians love naked tube lights (neon) instead of a nice lamp with a regular bulb. And course the stupid me had no better time to take the snap than at night! I was also alone at home, and put the camera on top of the computer screen on the timer to take this picture.I don't know about you, but I always have the impression we look more stupid when having the timer on. It's a bit like those photo-cabins that take passport pics in Switzerland: you wait and wait and wait for the pic to be taken, loose patience and your pose, and finally...SNAP!!! the pic is taken and looks awful.

I still need to bring the petticoat to a tailor, it's 2-3 inches too long for my taste, I hate having things tied up high on my waist and the choli (blouse) being quite long already, a high waist peticoat looks a bit silly.It is no big deal though, this is a job I can easily entrust to the the tailor down the road. But since it took me nearly a month to publish this picture in my blog, it might take me a month or so to fianlly bring the peticoat for alteration...oh well, it's me: procarsinator


  1. You look so nice with Sari :) I will collect mine today from the tailor. It was also my dream to wear one. Let's see if I manage to put on :)

  2. Oh wow I haven't seen that pic in a while :) forgot I actually posted it LOL
    Draping the sari isn't as complicated as it seems and as I said practice makes perfect.
    Walking in it is a bit more of an aquired skill, I use a lot of safety pins to keep it in place, my sister in law even showed me where to place the pins strategically to ensure the sari stays in place :)

  3. You look Gorgeous! Congrats on carrying it off beautifully and on a great choice of color too :)

  4. Thank you, I wore that very saree again last October for diwali, I had to take out an inch of fabric out of the seams though, going through pregnancy and childbirth do things for the body :)

  5. Twisha V312:18 PM

    Nice saree. i like it. you can buy wedding giffting sarees from G3 fashions surat.


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