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Who steals an egg....

2:27 PM

There is a proverb in French that says "Who steals an egg steals an ox" meaning that one who can steal a small thing is also capable of stealing something much bigger.

Now why this blog entry you would ask? Well the crime happened last week, I just got caught up and forgot to share the story before.

In India, we have a ground water tank in which the water from the pipeline pours in and you switch on a pump to bring the water to the top water tank when it's empty. Then, the gravity do the rest.
In the house in which I'm living, each of the 3 flats have their personal ground tank and roof tank with a pump. The ground water tank has a metalic lid, pretty much like all the sewers lid you would find in the west.

This is the thing that went missing Thursday last week. Yes a tank lid!!! At around 6 I just went out to buy some milk, and it was still there, at 7 the ground floor neighour came upstair to ask me if I saw anybody take that lid off.
My answer was "what lid are you talking about?" He then explained that the lid of my tank was no longer there while his was still there because their tank is in the garage. This means that between 6 and 7 someone stole the lid and I didn't hear it. I found it wierd because those lids are generaly quite heavy and it requires more than one preson to take it off without making noise. I live on the top floor, but my neighbour is on the ground floor and one of his living room windows has a view on said lid, and he did not notice anybody coming in.

The next morning, I went downstairs to know more about the lid affair. It turned out that not only the lid in our house had been stolen, but several of our neighbour had the same thing happening. I suspect this all must have been done around the same time, the puzzling thing is that between 6-7 pm lots of people are around coming back from work. There is noway that the thieves could have gone unoticed. My neighbour said he would lodge a complaint for me (better for a woman not to go to the police station alone, it's a man's world in there). We all suspect that the thieves stole those lids to sell them somewhere for the price of the iron they are worth. So far a week later the wooden board and stones we put on top of the tank are still there, I have no idea what will happen to it, I don't want to shell money to replace a thing that has been stolen.

That said, I'm pretty concerend, first stealing such a thing is dumb, and if the thieves got away with this they might come back to start stealing something bigger. Last year my shoes got stolen we still don't know if I left them out or if the maid put all the shoes out to clean and I forgot to put them back in immediately (not to discard the possibility she was the one to steal them in the first place)
What was considered a safe area, could turn into a less safe one if nothing is reported even with the police station at mere 200 meters from my home.

The papers are full of stories of gold chain snatching, stolen mobile phone, thieves breaking in a house sometimes killing the housewife to get her jewelllery (India has an obcession with gold jewellery, and most women keep their costly pieces at home thinking it's safe)... I just hope nothing so bad will happen where I live. 


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