Swiss Fondue...Indian style

9:38 AM

The only thing I regret is that we gulped down the thing so fast I couldn't take a picture, because it was epic.

For the non initiated, "Fondue" is a swiss dish which consits of loads of grated cheese melted in white wine. You dip pieces of bread and eat it that way while the pot is kept on a flame. The authentic Swiss way means you have a special clay or cast iron pot, a stand and a smalll gas burner underneath to keep it warm while eating. It also mean you have specially designed forks to prevent the bread from dropping in the pot. And you eat it at a dinning table!

When DBF went to Switzerland, I asked my mom to send back with him a pack of fondue mix cheese (a good fondue is made with at least 2 different type of cheese, preferably 4-5). We waited until all our friends were in the mood for one, which was yesterday.
Soon, a few problem arised: no fondue set (pot, fork, stand burner...all missing), and no "baguette" bread either, and gasp, no table!
Since we cook on a gas stove in India, I shifted the stove to the living room with its HUGE gas cylinder. I used a wok instead of the traditionnal fondue pot, some soft bread in place of bagette and our regular forks to dip it in. And due to our lack of furniture, we all sat on the ground around the stove.

Verdict : the fondue smelled good. But, when I added the baking soda it stared foaming and then turned into a block (it's not supposed to do so). When we started eating it the bread would desintegrate in the melted cheese, and pretty fast the wok was full of bread pieces. DBF and a friend didn't like it much so stoped pretty fast. Another friend had a stomach problem, so we gulped down the huge leftover between 3 of us. Anything cheese would do for us :-)

Later in the evening I kept wondering why my fondue went all wrong since I did it exactly the way my mom does.I came up to this conclusion : The wok does not conduct the heat the same way as a "fondue pot" and this is what caused the cheese to make a thick mass in the middle and a too liquid solution on the sides. it's probably not worth it to have a fondue set brought to me considering I may eat one maybe once a year though.


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    hey, girl! sorry to hear about your fondue dilemma. have you considered melting the cheese in a pot? just a regular pot where you cook soup, whatever. try making fondue in it on a low heat until the cheese melts down.

    then, if you have some kind of chaffing dish, transfer it there. if not, leave it in the pot but put a sterno to keep the heat going. try it. let me know how it works.

    good luck! i'll see you at the board.

    hugs, limoncello

  2. Anonymous11:37 AM

    no updates????? - artiman


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