Dining out

5 star hotel, 2 star food and service, 5 star price

10:20 AM

I love eating out, but when DF called me from a friends place to tell me he was coming back to pick me up so we could go to a 5 Star hotel for dinner I was dreading it. Some of those have just average tasting food, and put a real hole in your wallet. Anyway, off we went. 

Name of the hotel : Windsor Manor. 
Look : posh with an old British charm. 

There was actually several restaurants in the hotel itself but only the pool side one was having some table available. It had an Indian style barbeque and all sounded nice. Until I saw the price on the Menu and the fact there wasn't even much choice there. 

The guys drank alcohol which made the bill go up, and I stuck to a Watermelon juice as they didn't even had a decent "mocktail" list (I wasnt in mood for a beer, and not at their kind of prices).

When food came it was really just OK. Nothing absolutely special about it, at least nothing that would justify Rs 700 for Chiken Kababs, 500 for lentils and 600 for a butter chicken.

The service was of lesser quality than in other Restaurant in the city (which are not even close to 5 stars joints mind you). I mean, since when do a waiter pass you the basket of "naan" and ask you to help yourself? And how wrong would it have been to say "Do you want a fork and knife to eat or do you prefer your fingers" instead of "Are you ok eating with your finger, because that's the style we do here".
They didn't feel inclined to go the extra service mile, which in such a place is a shame. Isn't the price of the butter chicken covering the service tax?

I seriously felt like it was a waste of money and it clearly means that 5 star do not always equal quality, but in all cases equal : High price.


  1. What made you want to leave Switerland to go to India and how did your family deal that? And have you found love there in India?


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