4:45 PM

Ok never mind the title. I couldn't think of anything better, but it does describe the state I'm in right now. 

The past few weeks, DF and I have been really really busy with all those wedding thingies, and the 6 of July is approaching very fast...last minute rush you know...

We spent our weekend shopping and this wasn't so easy. DF still had his two outfit to get (one for te ceremony and one for the reception). We struggled to find some decent priced and decent looking rings among other things, and don't even ask me how much time passed between now and the meeting of his parents, or between last week and now. I'm not sure I still have the notion of time passing.

I had my sweet revenge with DF's suit shopping though. He was the one complaining that women take too much time deciding on dresses and shoes and such. But, It's no less than 4 shopping trips and about 10-15 shops that it took to buy his Sherwani (suits he'll wear at the ceremony) and another 4 Shoe shops for his mojari. Thank God his reception suit was a bit easier to find.
Ring shopping was probably the most annoying. We are both simple minimalist people, and it seems that simple and minimalist is not something you find in India. Ladies rings come or in 18k gold with at least 2-3 carats of diamonds on it and an astronomic price I'm not really willing to pay, or it comes in a heavy bulky 22k gold design.
Seriously, I don't like diamonds (and I mean it), I have a very simple pair of diamond studs in my ears, and that stops there. Loads of bling turn me off and I loathe the sight of it. 

If you go for diamondless rings, it HAS to be 22k gold as 18k is considered bad quality and acceptable only for diamond rings which need a harder alloy for the setting...But plain gold doesn't mean it's tasteful and elegant. I've seen my share of horrors eating half the ring finger with twist, swirls and chunky carved flowers and a price tag even more astronomic than for a diamond ring. After 2 Jewellery shops, I was loosing hope, the Third one was no better exept for their platinum rings, which had all we wanted exept a price tag within our budget.
DF looked despaired from shop one as men's rings are even worse than ladies ring. Some with diamonds that scream "Hip Hop singer" or chunky 22k gold rings in the style you would find on a particulary wealthy mafioso. It took us 2 weekends, zillion shops to finally find what we were looking for. We still swear that in a couple of year we will go for platinum when we will have the money though.

Now DF is in Bombay for work again and we have a 6 month stay in Finland coming in August. I'm totally drained and just finished buying Sarees for my mom and sister yesterday. I still need to bring those to the tailor for blouse stitching, and still have a few things here and there to buy and we will be all set...Hopefully.


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