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On October 7th our lives changed forever as we picked up this cute little furball home. And, since then my life has been pretty busy between the poop cleaning, the dragging her outside, the "No" "Down" "Sit" "No bitting" and "Good Girl".

As cute as she can be, she has some moments of pure destruction during which I just want to call her monster instead of Jasmine. She turned 2 month old on Diwali (21st october) and so far here is what our life looks like :

- 6am is play time. Miss Jasmine will NOT understand your need of sleeping later than this...not even caring that you woke up 3 times during the night to take her out to pee swearing #@$%#$%# as you nearly stepped in a carefully laid poop right in front of your bedroom door.

-Play time means bitting...and with teeth as sharp as razor blade it can be damn painful especially when she chases your ankles while you rush to the kitchen for a much needed caffeine shot. And no toys are as fun as you legs. The best method I found so far is training her to sit and stay as soon as she does so, or lock her in a room for a while if she persists.

-No matter how much money you spend on fancy toys, what she prefers is diving in the trash can to retrieve a plastic container of empty yoghurt pot will keep her busy for an hour until she colapse with exhaustion and naps, while the fancy bouncy ball that cost me 75 rupees will be fun for only 2 minutes!

-Biscuit treats, are good rewards but who said it was for eating? NOOOOOO it's much more fun to chew them once and leave them where we will step on it with bare feet! Give her a full one and it will be crumbled all around the house. Give her a bite sized portion and it will be licked and then played with before being abandonned.

-Diwali was a perfect excuse to completely forget that "mummy" and "daddy" wanted you to do it outside....blame it on the firecrakers! But then again pee and poop canot be done on the rooftop, but sitting in the "rangoli" (colourful pattern drawn on the ground with chalk powder) is fun and dragging the colour on the white tiles inside even more fun, of course nothing beats the purple, green, and pink stains on her cream colored coat...the latest rage in canine fashion.

-Peeing down in the street is not fun, whinning to go up and holding it up for an hour to finally rush upstair and do it on the rooftop is in. We've been trying for 3 weeks now, and so far the street is still free of her sent! Keep trying...keep trying...

-Her goofy moments brings tears to our eyes as she really knows how to make us laugh. Wether it's loosing control of her four paws on a wet floor, or trying to get away with something bigger than her (the newspaper, or the toilet brush), or chasing a plastic mug for ages to finally bark at it when it dares to stop by itself, or taking a nap head first in her water bowl...never a dull moment with a dog.

We are sleep deprived, and turned into professional poop cleaner, but are so happy having her with us...and as DH said, : It's a good training for when we will have kids. I just want to say "True, but babies don't bite your furnitures".


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