Cookie cutter

4:56 PM

They are at it again!!!! Who? All the shopping malls in town of course!

Not getting my point yet?

I'm talking about the fake snow, the snowflakes, the angels, the pine trees (fake of course) and the whole carols caroling around the stores via loud speakers. YUP! That time of the year again! And again it's all about a nordic theme in a tropical area. If you ask me, it is a bit ridiculous. The whole thing makes absoluty no sense at all appart from being yet one more occasion for megastores to have you squeeze all the paisa preciously saved since Diwali to indulge in what is more of a commercial affair than anything else in this city (possibly country).

I come from a place where christmas means a lot mind you! I come from a place where frost, snow and icy cold is COMMON in December. And where "I'm dreaming of a white christmas" actually means something and has a magical kind of feel when you see the first snow flakes of the season.
In Switzerland Christmas means spending quality time with your familly. Taking weeks selecting the right gifts for each loved ones. The whole month of December was about anticipating the end of the year and induldging into fun activities: AT HOME! Not in a mall as it is the case here.
How many times did I fight with my sister 2 weeks before christmas to be the one placing a particular ornament on the tree? And all those too short weekends making handicrafts with my dad so my relatives would get a gift which would come from the heart and was handmade? I remember that when I was 5 I decorated a giant matchbox with the help of my dad and guess what? 22 years later my Grandpa still uses the box...what a pride for me!
And of course no Christmas would be complete without the home baked cookies! Ahhhhh! That was another sweet weekend spent or with my mom or with my grand ma rolling dough, and cutting out shapes with a cookie cutter. Smelling them as they baked in the oven, anticipating the taste, and feeling the spirit of the holiday settle in the home in they way of a rich cinnamon scented mist.

I finally have an oven, not to mention the cookie doughs recipes from my childhood, but NO cookie cutters. WORSE! No one in stores around town seem to know what they are. I'm a bit angry to be fair. First, because I'm homesick around Christmas and I complain a lot about the lack of authenticity around here. And then, because PRECISELY the whole concept of Christmas here seem to be out of a cookie cutter straight from the western malls. And yet they forgot what this holiday is all about and about the fact that those who know about it (and in Bangalore that means a lot of expats) can't even re-create childhood memories due to: 

 Or the lack of ingredients, or the lack of "hardware".

 So dear megamalls tycoon, next year instead of having fake frost, jingle bells, and a Santa wish list contest in your store, maybe do conduct a cultural workshop enrolling the people who KNOW about how the big fat western Xmas is celebrated to have something like a "Bake your own cookies worshop". Or  a make a personal tree ornament contest, with no bumper prize in the end (yup that's right drop the diamond pendant, trip to Finland, gold coins and all)...the only reward one should have from doing that kind of activities should be pure joy from taking a little bit of time off to indulge into a simple pleasure.

Now excuse me  while I need to return to me "Laekerli" which by the way is a typically Swiss Christmas kind of cookie that is done without cookie cutters. Maybe once I'll be in a better mood I'll share the recipe...


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